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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Neon Lights

Good morning.

I hit up Dollar Tree in Roseburg not too long ago and managed to find another Milani I knew nothing about it.

Oh Milani. This is not neon. I see what you did there but you are wrong. It's okay. I still love you.

Neon Lites is a sheer green toned yellow shimmer. Have I mentioned that it's sheer? the above photo is three coats. It's not bad coverage considering and I'm okay with the VNL but yeah, it's sheer. It has a hint of yellow highlighter but it's really not that bright so I say, NOT neon.

Dry time on this is really good and the formula is nice. Not too runny, not streaky. I'm not really sure why I bought this other than I thought maybe possibly I can work it into Duck Day manicures. (Yay it's baseball season!) Otherwise I may have passed it by as it's a color that few can wear. And I'm not sure how well I'm wearing it. But it's hard to say not a $1 price point.

What do you think? Should I try a Duck Day mani with this?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Silver Lake

Good morning!

I recently hit up Ross to get some much needed sandals and miscellany to prepare for our trip to Cancun so naturally, I bought nail polish. I go to Ross specifically for Color Club and let me tell ya they have been letting me down. Color Club gets harder and harder for me to find. Gratefully, this time I found a min 4 pack from the Girl About Town collection. I HAD to have this. I NEEDED Pearl District because Oregon and I love Portland and when I'm up there, much of my time is spent in the Pearl. However, I really loved the whole collection.

Anyway. I was not hurt to have another grey creme and I love that it was named for the Silver Lake neighborhood of L.A. I remember when Silver Lake was a bad neighborhood and right before I left So. Cal, I remember reading coverage from the L.A. Times on how artists and whatnot were taking over and turning it around. Ah gentrification...

Anyway, as a former California resident; I must have any polish that references the places I used to go and get into trouble.

Silver Lake is a light grey with blue tones. It is very lovely and wonderful. The formula is really good but thanks to the rainy and humid weather we had, it did not work out so well. Oregon Spring is AMAZING y'all. Plus I seem to have major issues getting a nice, crisp clean up with really light creme shades. That's me and I'm just a klutzy and inept bish which is all you really need to know.

I won't front, you really do need three coats for best coverage but this dries pretty quickly. It does self level nicely and is not chalky. So yay!

I'm sad I don't have the full sizes but I'm not sad that I don't have Williamsburg and Uptown. I was meh over Williamsburg and I have a dupe in Uptown with Urban Outfitters Mystic. 

Did you get the Girl About Town Collection? Any neighborhoods you think they should've included? Personally, I want to make a polish that represents the Whiteaker neighborhood here in Eugene but I don't know how to best represent beer and hippies in one color.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Neon Mosaic

Good afternoon.

Matt frequently loves to challenge me with new nail art designs and it's one of the reasons why I'm so grateful I married this man. He frequently checks out Reddit Lacqueristas and loves to find things for me to try.
He sent me this photo HERE and didn't want me to create it exactly, he wanted my interpretation.

So this is what I did:

I really liked how it turned it out and for some reason it made me think of mosaic. Which is completely inaccurate but that was what I thought. I'm sorely disappointed for the smearing I got once I applied top coat and this was after letting the black lines dry for an hour. It happened so what ya gonna do?

Here's what I used:

Base is $OPI White Hot, three coats
Black lines are an Art Club Striper
My neon colors are Sinful Colors Fashion neon, Irish Green, Juicy peach and Dream On with the exception of the ring finger. That's Claire's Sunshine.

It was a fun look and really easy to do. I'm so glad Matt suggested it!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday check in

Good afternoon!

Today I thought I would just do a quick update of what's happening at Chez Lambchop. I've hardly had time for my nails because I've embarked on an actual fitness routine. I tried on all of my bikinis and yeah there needs some work to be done. I'm just trying to firm up some muscle tone and shave some inches. I don't really care if my tummy is flat because well, Matt likes it. And if the hubs thinks you're hot, you're hot!

Here's what I've been watching, reading and listening to.

TV: Oh my I watch too much. I'm still devoted to the Real Housewives and these bishes are not giving me a break. I watch them all except NJ because I just can't anymore with them. To redeem myself, I've been all over Scandal, Vikings, Hannibal and the Following. Good times.

Books: Now that I have a tablet, I'm reading more. My library offers ebooks so I've been greedily tearing through them. Granted, my town doesn't have the selection of say, Seattle but they do a damn good job and keep adding titles all the time. Right now I am reading Dearie, a biography of Julia Child. I prefer nonfiction so  I've read a lot of memoirs lately. The recent celebrity memoir list is as follows: Slash, Steven Adler, Allison Arngrim (Nellie Oleson from Little House) and Marcus Samuelsson. I also read a lot about music so I have read a history of the Runaways, a history of L.A. punk and am looking forward to a book on the Black Panthers and how they influenced music. I'm random for sure. Between that, I read a lot of books on politics.

Music: Not a while lot that is new for me. Still enjoying Skeleton witch and looking forward to the newest from Delain. I will probably be going to see Delain in concert in September though. Given how much I hate the fall, that's something to look forward to!

And that's the gist of it. What have you been doing? Suggest some books for me!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Neon Butterlies

Good day!

Today I have some random nail art that I did as well as playing around with our new camera. We're headed back to Cancun one last time this year before we finally branch out and explore more of the Caribbean and Central America in the years to come. That means we needed a new camera.
We bought a Samsung WB800F. It's pretty snazzy, not nearly as snazzy as the Samsung Galaxy one but then again, we didn't have that kind of budget to drop $500 on a camera.

Anyway. I decided to see how it fared against my Kodak. I present the results with a caveat that I really haven't played with it much other than to know its macro mode.'s not very scientific.

Here's my neon nail art taken by my Kodak:

Not too shabby. The colors are pretty accurate and the detail is nice.

Here's the Samsung photo:

It's kind of washed out but it does a pretty good job. It didn't freak out over the neon. The detail is not as crisp but I suspect that more to not having a anti shake feature turned on. (If it has one. I don't know.) I could have had the camera on a table but I wanted to replicate the usual way I photograph my nails.

Based on this, I'm not going to be forsaking my Kodak. I do need to play with the Samsung more and find out more. So there ya have that. Now just photos of my mani:

Here's how this breaks down:

Since it's been stupid humid thanks to the rain, polish is not drying on me unless I sponge it on. So I sponged a base of Orly Pure Porcelain on all nails. Then I randomly sponged on Sinful Colors Dream On and the no name Destined coral neon with pink flash that is UH-mazing.

I used one of the plates from my new Fingr's Stamp It kit. It's a full nail butterfly/flower design I really wanted to see how would turn out on the nails. I used MoYou stamping polish in black. The design is fun albeit a too much for my little curvy nails. I was bummed that I got smears after applying top coat. That always happens with special stamping polishes and me. because I'm worried that if I don't add my top coat right away, I'm totally going to fuck up my manicure. With the way I operate, this is not an unfounded fear.

 And there ya have it. I'm off to work out. I got a little winter poundage that I want to whittle a snotch so I can look extra awesome hanging out at the beach in my Judas Priest monkini. (You can see it here from the designer Matt bought it from.)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Holo, how I love thee

Good day!

I went and visited my mother-in-law this last weekend and managed to hit up Kmart. It was a good trip for me since I stocked up on more Nail art goodies from Fing'rs and their Heart 2 Art series. I saw some things I hadn't yet beheld so that was pretty exciting. Naturally, I walked away with yet another stamping kit.

Yesterday I decided to do a quick manicure with just a couple of the designs from my kit. I do need to do scans of the plates because I have different designs than what can be glimpsed here.

Here's how it breaks down:

The base is OPI DS Classic
I used Sally Hansen CSM in Navy Baby, Orly Wild Wisteria and Orly Teal Unreal for the stamps. 
I used Teal Unreal on my pinkie but I wasn't satisfied with how well it showed up so I stamped over that with Navy Baby.
All nails except middle finger are designs from the Fing'rs Stamp It Kit. The middle finger is from one of my newer Essence Stampy plates. (More plates that need to be scanned!)

It may not have been smart to use a holo polish since it's rainy again but I really, really wanted to use it. So, yeah. Anyway, the stamping plates are great and the images transfer really well. The key is really choosing the best polish to stamp with. Of course my right hand came out a snotch better but I really did not feel like doing the required gymnastics to take a decent photo.

I got the Fing'rs Stamp it kit at Kmart for $3.99. I bought OPI Ds Classic at the Aria Hotal in Las Vegas for $12.50. All others were purchased a really long time ago.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Gimmme a gimlet

Good day!

Today I have the one polish from China Glaze's 2013 Fall collection that got me excited.

China Glaze - Gossip Over Gimlets

I am always a sucker for silver and this was no exception. I love how foiled it is and the golden sparkles added something interesting and exciting.

I used three coats for full opacity and that was a-okay since the dry time is excellent. I couldn't get over how shiny and sparkly this was. If only I had this when I went to Vegas...

Speaking of Vegas and gimlets, we had the most fabulous cucumber gimlets at the Ignite Lounge in the Monte Carlo. We had them a little differently as a gimlet is traditionally made with gin. Personally, I hate gin because I think it is way too astringent and akin to lighter fluid. So we asked the bartender if they would mind making us the vodka version instead. Oh, holy bats was that good! So good, we had to try to recreate them at home.

Basically the drink is cucumber "essence", vodka, lime and sugar. We played around with how to make the "essence" and I think I got the best results. I blasted the cucumber in the blender  with water (after running through the food processor) and strained, strained, strained. I got a nice green juice with tons of flavor that I promptly mixed Splenda and lime juice with.

Anyhoo, the drink is really wonderful and would be so refreshing on a hot day. If you ever see it at your local watering hole, I highly recommend it. However, I recommend vodka rather than gin. I will be definitely making them again and most likely for Easter dinner since it is also my parent's wedding anniversary that day. (I'll treat my daddy nice and make him the gin version since he's not super keen on vodka.)

I bought this at Sally Beauty Supply during the 50% off clearance sale. I think I paid around three bucks. I'm terrible at remembering those things, I just get swept away by the pretty colors!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Just a little kindness

Good day.

Today I'm finally showing the other Spa Ritual polish I bought way back when and never got around to sharing.

Kindness is an interesting orange since it's looks like a pumpkin in lower light and almost juicy orange in brighter light.The golden sparkles are perfect and just the thing to keep this from being boring.
I had issue with my bottle and ended up having to thin it out because it was really thick. I bought this at Ross so I'm sure someone tried it out and left it slightly open. Jerks.

I used three coats for full opacity and was happy that the dry time was pretty good considering I had to futz with it. I love the color so much but I have to be honest that right now it's not a favorite because it is very Autumn to me and frankly, I am through with Autumn and Winter. Plus Cancun is all booked and I am ready to hit that beach!

I bought this at Ross back in December for $9.98. It came with Spa Ritual In the Buff and was supposed to come with a bag but that was either long ago ripped off or sold separately. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Sprung

Good day!

Today I have some spring nail art. I know yesterday was the first day of Spring but yeah. That's just how it happened.

Groovy baby

So I was inspired by my special drink cup. I bought said cup at target right before the holidays because I like the idea of drinking booze out of a goofy cup with a swirly straw. Anyway the cup has flowers, a bird, tree and peace sign on it and says "Peace & Love" on it. I've posted pics of the cup on FB so you've seen it if you're a friend. The cup itself is not important though. It was just the muse.

Here's how it breaks down:

All stamps are from an Essence Stampy Plate and a Salon Express plate
The base is Pure Ice Platinum Base Coat and the stamps and dots are pretty much the entire Color Club Poptastic collection.
The ring finger is three coats of Orly Peaceful Opposition

It was cheery manicure and was so nice to wear on a sunny afternoon. It has inspired some ideas of what I might do when I leave for Cancun in May...

I bought almost everything used in this look except the white polish. That was provided for PR consideration two years ago.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Throw back Thursday??

Good afternoon!

I was feeling a little restless the other day and not sure what I wanted to do for my nails. So I decided to reach way, way back and shop the stash for something I hadn't worn in awhile. Or a really long, long time.
I found the perfect subject and it's the one that started my love affair with Orly.

Orly Mint Mojito

I loved me the 2009 Tiki Time Collection but Mint Mojito was the stand out for me. I loved the color and the super quick dry time and yeah, it lit the fire of love for me and Orly.
But I forgot that it applied sheer and not always so great. Was I disappointed? A snotch but not enough to change the love I have for it.

It was fun to put this on again and reminisce. It also sparked some nail art ideas so I'm sure it won't be hiding away any time soon.

I bought this in 2009 at Sally Beauty.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

In black and white

Good morning.

Today I have some recent nail art that I ended up wearing for about three days straight.

I was wanting a black and white manicure but I was also entranced by the full nail design from my newest Essence Stampy Plate.

I started with a base of OPI 4 in the Morning on all fingers except ring which is Pure Ice Platinum Base Coat. I then used a Kiss Nail Tattoo on my ring finger in a wavy floral-ish pattern. The tattoo was meant for the pinkie nail but I didn't want a full nail design for my accents so I just used it on the ring.

I used my newest Essence Stampy Plate for the rest. This plate comes in a starter kit with stamper and scraper. I bought it for the plate but another stamper is always good to have. The plate has a lot of romantic themes but the full nail design in the middle was just an eye catching abstract design.

I used Platinum Bade Coat and China Glaze Millennium for the stamping. I messed up on the placement and ended up double stamping on some nails when I meant to stamp half the nail with one color and the other half with another. Oh well. Still came out pretty neat.

The nail tattoo also broke a bit on both nails before I could seal it with top coat but it wasn't a big error so I let it go.

I bought OPI 4 in the Morning at Sally Beauty Supply for $9. The Essence Stampy Plate was purchased at Fred Meyer for $3.99. Pure Ice Platinum Base Coat was sent to me for review almost two years ago and I bought China Glaze Millennium at Sally years ago.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Scorpion and skull

Good morning.

So way back in February when I went to see Moonspell, I of course did some nail art. I'm underwhelmed because I never could get a good concept together and as usual, I was pressed for time. Nonetheless, I still wanted to share it.

I can't break everything down because I forgot to take notes and I'm just too lazy to drag everything out. However, here's some of what went into it:

Base is OPI Midnight in Moscow and Nicole by OPI It's All About the Glam on my ring finger.
I used a Kiss Nail Tattoo on my ring finger. I will be reviewing these shortly but they are a nice little addition to the nail art world and in designs I can get behind.

I did the bronze stamping with Orly Flagstone Rush. I used one of the OMG nails plates that I picked up in Vegas. The scorpion is from one of my GOCOL plates and the moon is from a Claire's plate. I used Kleancolor Metallic Yellow for the scorpion and I do not recall which of my many silvers I used for the moon.

It was an okay manicure but I could have done better. I did decide to brave the snow that was on the ground then and try to take my photos outside. I won't do that again because cold and I hate cold.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

J'adore Dior

Good morning.

Today I have a polish that Matt surprised me with during the "12 days of random gifts." It was a fun 12 days and I got some really great gifts but this one just made me laugh when I got it. It arrived with another polish in a giant box. All that was inside was two carefully wrapped polishes and a fragrance sample. I found it hilariously excessive but I can confirm that both polishes arrived safely.

(This was a gift from my husband.)

Dior Perfecto, three coats

I was truly surprised Matt remembered that I wanted to try some Dior polishes. So he chose two and surprised me. The man knows me well as a grey creme is an excellent choice.

Perfecto is a very dark grey creme with blue tones. It's in the same color family as Orly Decoded but much, much darker. The brush was a surprise because it's very similar to the ones in Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polishes. Flat and wide, almost paddle like. I found that three thin coats wasn't really the way to go in applying, to thicker ones made for a better experience and coverage. Later when I wore this again, I did the two thick coats and it was much better. The thicker coats did make me worry that it would take forever to dry but it dries super fast and with a lovely shine. 

I love Perfecto and am glad t have this as I needed a darker grey for the stash and as a base color for nail art. Matt did well in choosing this ans he did in choosing the other one. (Which will be shown at a later date.)

My husband bought this for me at I don't know what he paid but I can tell you that the MSRP is $24.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Me and my lover

Good day.

I almost hate to admit it but I'm starting to lose interest in the texture trend. Not that it stopped me from buying yet another one but I justify it because I got one from a brand in quite fond of.

Essence Me and My Lover - three coats

Me and My Lover is a blue based red with red shimmer and god sparkle. It has texture, clearly. It applies really nicely, not too thick. I was concerned about dry time but it dried really quickly. You can easily get by with two coats for opacity, I chose three as is my usual.

While I'm starting to move past the textured polish trend, I am glad to have this as it's something that was missing from the textures in my stash.

I got this at Fred Meyer for $1.99.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Leisurely Sundays

Good afternoon.

Today I have a random bit of nail art that I did this last Sunday. I love Sundays, I can just hang out and play with polish. This look isn't spectacular but helped me view colors together and play spesome technique. Apologies in advance for not having all polishes listed but I've been a busy and tired lamb. Such is life.

I wanted to do something with cling wrap and have a bit of a jeweled look and this is what I ended up with. My base is Sephora by OPI Neutral Beauty. I used Orly Flagstone Rush and Color Club Blue-topia in here too.

As you can see my left pinkie has a lot going on and we are just going to ignore it. It was an experiment that didn't work out. And that's all I will say about that. But that is how I spend my Sundays.

I like the look but I am not in love. My color choices were not the best. Lesson learned. Guess we will see what I do next Sunday!