Hooray. She's back. yay.

Yeah. What the headline says.

I don't so much have anything like an excuse to explain my absence. I quit the job, got really depressed, went back to college and now I'm five pounds lighter and a hell of a lot happier. Spring term is almost over and it's time to seriously look for a job. (Part-time please!) I'm also taking the summer off from school to go to Ozzfest in Sacramento as well as visit the in-laws. I'm also due to see Social Distortion in July. It's been almost two years so it's time.

I'm preparing for the possibility of my older brother moving here. He'll for sure be here in June or July to test for the Oregon State Police. I've no doubt that his coming here is going to be quite the clusterfuck and whirlwind of drama for the fam. The good thing is that I'll have my baby nephew here if he gets the job.

So that's the story.
Expect the random personal post and plenty of YouTubage.

Yay lamb!

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