My older brother has come to Oregon as part of his application process for the Oregon State Police. He's been in Georgia for the past fifteen years while the rest of my family was spread out in Oregon and California. In all that time, he's started a family, got divorced and re-married and been a cop.Without saying much, it all fell apart in Georgia. His two oldest kids from the first marriage are moving to Kansas with their mom. My bro, the new wife and baby nephew are coming here.
I'm kind of excited about it despite my brother being a big lop. I suppose all sibs tend to think that way about the oldest kid. But to be honest, both of my brothers are dorks. My sister is the super cool, groovy one.
Anyway, it's weird because last night was the first time in almost fifteen years that my parents have had all four of their kids under the same roof.
My mom got a little sniffly about it. Now we all will live in the same state and hopefully in the same metro area. (It all depends on my bro getting the job and the OSP assigning him a post in Eugene/Springfield.)

My parents are super happy. All the kids together and almost all the grandkids there. We all wish that our other two babies were moving here instead of Kansas. But they are a smidge closer. Tis cheaper to travel to Kansas rather than Georgia.

To compare and contrast, I offer two photos.

Taken sometime around 1979/1980:

and this one taken last night:

Growing old is a strange and kind of, I suppose, wonderful thing.

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