If David Coverdale's lyrics were autobiographical...

These are the things one would learn about him.

1. He is a transient and quite possibly a mercenary.
(Soldier of Fortune, Here I Go Again.)

2. He is unlucky in life and love.
(Soldier of Fortune, Mistreated, Fool For Your Lovin', Ain't No Love In the Heart of the City.)

3. He is chronically depressed.
(Mistreated, Walking In The Shadow of the Blues.)

4. He is a sex addict.
(Still of the Night, Slide It In, Slow and Easy.)

5. He's a romantic.
(Is This Love, The Deeper the Love, Guilty of Love.)

6. He is a hard lovin' man but only because of those hard lovin' women.
(Pretty much every Whitesnake and Deep Purple song he has performed.)

So go buy some of his albums,
won't you?

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