Sugar Dumpling

A nice tribute to Sam Cooke today on Metafilter.
I may be the metal girl but Sam Cooke's music has been one of my greatest inspirations.
I played most of those love songs at my wedding and his music brings to mind most of my fondest childhood memories.
Sunday mornings in front of the hi-fi, dancing and singing with my family...good stuff right there.

My favorite songs here:
Having a Party

Nothing Can Change This Love
Dedicated to my boy, played at our wedding
(I'm not so into "The Notebook," so I'm not fond of this video.)

A True classic:
Bring it on Home

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  1. As Sam's great-nephew and the author of "Our Uncle Sam: The Sam Cooke Story From His Family's Perspective" (, and on the 43rd anniversary of his death, I thank you for sharing your "faves" with the rest of us! Be well, Lambchop.


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