Angels Forgive Me

I don't have children. I don't hate children, I just don't want any. Me = Not mother material. I would be the scream-y cigarette smoking, afternoon drinking, PB&J cooking mom. Basically, any woman from Appalachia. Minus 75 pounds and plus a delightful Midwestern accent. OK, you get it. (P.S. Appalachia reference? Tasteless joke on a regional stereotype. I am a bad Lamb.)
That said, I am a mom of sorts. I am a dog mom. I don't know why but they're easier for me to care for than human children and I just like them better.
Nine years ago, I met a devastatingly handsome man that I fell madly in love with.
He came with two beautiful, wonderful, sweet, precious dogs. Being that I love dogs, I knew this relationship was going to make it. I'm totally vindicated too because it is nine years later and I've been married to Mr. Wonderful for almost two years now.
I digress.
Thus, I became a dog mom. This where I show off pictures of my babies:

We all have many happy years until my Daisy girl gets old. And she went downhill very fast. Then I have to make the heartbreaking decision to send her to retire to Boca.
Because we don't say euthanasia or death or anything like that in this family. (Yet another story.) We say that you retire to Boca. Why that? I don't know.
I am the one who always has to do that. I did for my dad, my sister (twice.) and now us.
It broke my heart completely. Daisy was my dog. Copper is daddy's boy, he loves me but he really prefers dad. Daisy preferred me. She was my constant companion, my guardian when I was alone and my friend. I didn't want her to go but I had to do right by her. Frankly, the worst thing that happened to her was getting old. She couldn't chase squirrels, protect me or play with the sock because she was blind and deaf. She started faling down and having accidents and it made her angry. That was what crushed me. She knew what was happening and she was not pleased.

I lavished all of my attention on Copper after that. He goes for rides everywhere and eats little bits of bacon. He's so spoiled. But that was it. No more babies after Copper retires. Not for a few years anyway.

A curious thing happened on my birthday. We got home from dinner and we both noticed a cat laying behind one of our planters in front of the house. Then I saw something crawling on her. Honestly, I thought it was a mouse and I was a tad creeped out.
But I realized it was a kitten. My first instinct was to scoop them up and bring them in but Matt persuaded me not to. We waited a couple of days and checked on her periodically. Finally, we moved her and the babes to the tool shed in the backyard. Matt being a softie, ended up bringing her in the house and now I have a cat.

She looves me. She has become my new best friend. She purrs when she sees me, hops in my lap and rubs her head against my cheek. And I'm the only one allowed to touch the babies.

Cute, huh?
Three boys and one girl. We're going to keep the girl kitty and find the boys nice homes when it's time. So I'll have two cats.
This is funny because I'm pretty indifferent to cats. I don't hate them but I didn't want one either. I liked dogs better. Guess they fulfilled my maternal instincts. Or something.
What I also find funny is that Trixie was the kitty I kept finding in my sun room. Evidently, she was sleeping there at night. In a way, I guess she chose us. I'm glad. I was beginning to feel real lonely.

Trixie is pretty awesome but I sure miss my Daisy a lot.

(P.S. Matt named her. I don't know why he chose that name but I like it. Reminds me of these books I read as a child.)

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