I has a what???

Hey there! Man, this place looks kinda desolate. I believe I just saw a tumbleweed blow through.
Yeah, it's been awhile and before that it was awhile and shambolic. But I had MAJOR writer's block. Stil kinda do but whatevs. (Believe it or not, I have a point. When I'll make it is uncertain.) I have to get myself back into all of this because of school.
Not that I have to show this to my class or anything because I would get very low marks for my use of informal English. See, I'm taking my college level writing class. I love it and I effing hate it. But the state of Oregon says I must complete it so I can transfer to the big four year school of my dreams. (In Oregon anyhoo.) My last two essay assignments were difficult for me and my last grade not as high as I would have preferred. My brilliant idea was to get back into this and get comfortable writing again. We'll see how that pans out.
P.S. It sucks to take a writing class when you have writer's block. Also, I must apologize to my class mates that will never read this for having to read about me seeing Slayer in concert in July 2006. Be grateful you weren't there. The heat and the B.O. almost made me never want to go to a concert again. Until I saw Moonspell later that year and hurt my neck. But, that's a story for another time, kids.

So, um, yeah. Next post is better. It has animals in it. And pictures. Of cute animals.
See ya then.

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