Haken Blue Crush

I love this color. It just spoke to me when I saw it on the shelf despite the soft and diffused lighting in the store. Once I got it outside, I was just floored with the many different dimensions of it!

Blue Crush isn't entirely blue. It has blue tones but appears mostly green. It also has really cool fine holo glitter. Not only that, it's a duochrome that flashes gold, bronze and pink. I have nothing like it in my collection and really haven't seen anything else like it anywhere.

The formula is lovely. It's a snotch watery but very smooth and easy. It is sheer. The first coat is streaky but it smooths out nicely. I did three coats and it matched up nicely to the bottle. It was not by any means opaque though. However, you could easily apply it over a nice white polish for an opaque look.

Blue Crush dries quickly but nearly as much as the Birthstones. The finish is a little gritty and slightly satin. Seche smooths it out and gives a glassy shine which amps up this beauty.
I adore this color and I'm hoping the other Haken lacquers have formulation this nice.
I'm hooked now so hunting down Haken is a new obsession!

Three coats, indoors natural light, no top coat

Sunlight, three coats, no top coat


  1. I love this one! Where did you find it? I'm just up north in seattle, I wonder if I can get it?

  2. Hi Kitty. They may have some salons in the Seattle area that have it. I got it at a gift shop in Sisters. I really need to call them and see how to get more!

  3. This is a new brand for me. I'm so suprised how many brands are out there that I never heard of. It's really a pretty color. I noticed this color on your header. I was wondering what it was.


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