The Madness Begins!

Once again, I start something off with the statement that I have finally have sucked it up and begun...(fill in the blank here.)First it was the Facebook account and then Twitter. Now it's the final manifestation of my nail polish addiction. Welcome to the latest incarnation of my web persona!
So let's start with some background.

I've been blogging since 2001. I used to be pretty hardcore about it until my domain host fuxxored my blog and I just lost interest. My life was in major upheaval at the time too. I got married, quit a job, went to school, got a job, lost a job and then got the best job I ever had. Throw in some family drama and it's all good times.
On the nail polish front, I've always had a mania for it. It really became a sickness when I got a job at Ed Wyse Beauty Supply.
I had access to O.P.I. and Zoya polishes not just at wholesale but below cost! I miss that. Sadly, my store fell victim to the recession and it closed last March.
All worked well for me since I found a job that I adore.

I hope to have something snazzy to add to the nail polish community. I've enjoyed reading so many of them and getting to know all of the writers a little bit. I love the diversity of our little community and the beautiful things y'all share. Here's to a new beginning!

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  1. I hope you bought plenty when you worked at the beauty supply. Nice to read another nail polish blog. I've always loved nail polish but reading these blogs has really kicked it into maxium overdrive! Well I say it's cheaper than drugs.


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