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No nail polish today, y'all.

Last night I took my sister to see Tesla at the Oregon State Fair. It was a huge night for us. Tesla is her favorite band and I've been trying to get her to see them live for TWENTY years. (Showing my age a bit but to be fair, I started this odyssey when I was thirteen.)
We had a wonderful time, the show was phenomenal and Tesla is a great band. But today I'm tired, a little hungover and I have to go back to work.

Nail polish blogging resumes Monday or Tuesday. I have one of the new Wet n' Wild Craze polishes for you as well as a review of Nailene Power Fusion Gel kit.

Now I'm off to earn some more money to feed this addiction!


  1. Isn't that the truth "Earn money to feed this addiction!" I get my paycheck and wonder where it my nails and face in beauty products LOL!!!

  2. That's fantastic to see them at the state fair! At least your able to see them even though it's 20 years later. I've seen some people that I first wanted to see when I was 13 at the fair also. Pretty great! Plus I was right up front and drinking a smoothie with the wind blowing having a great time.


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