Nail Magic Birthstones August

Here is number two of my Nail Magic haul, August. This polish is a real puzzler. It's green, gold, it's silver. That's just the way the light hits in the bottle!

Once again the formula is very smooth. This one is full on metallic without glitter and it is very brush stroke-y. It too dries rather satiny and never quite gets glossy even with topcoat. The drying time is excellent. By the time I got to my thumb, the pinky and ring fingers were dry.

One thick coat gets opaque as does two thin coats. You definitely want to wear a ridge filler under this because it will show any and all ridges or chips.
On the nail this appears a nice light green but in different lights it flashes gold or beige-y. I'm pleased as punch with this, it's pretty and great for a quick mani in the morning before work!

Two coats, no top, full sun.

Two coats, no top, indoor natural light.


  1. That is a pretty shade of polish. Looks lovely on you. Sort of reminds me of one of the China Glaze Romantics collection.

  2. That what I was thinking. It may even be a dupe for the green in Romantiques.


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