Nail Magic Birthstones May

This is one of the polishes I found at Garden of Eden Gifts in Sisters. I was so thrilled to find them just hanging out in a fountain display with a sign for one dollar each! I had to have May since that's my birth month. Plus, green has been super hot and I didn't have too many light greens.

May is a frosty, minty, metallic green with dark green glitter.

The formula is very smooth and it dries very quickly. The glitter does makes for a gritty finish but a coat of Seche smooths things out. I tried Out the Door on this as well but found that it takes two coats to smooth it perfectly. It is a little brush stroke-y but not a surprise considering it is a metallic.
No major application issues for me but I also did one thick and quick coat. I slowed down and applied thinner coats on my right hand and found that it has a little drag and some bald spots. So go on thick!
This dries in a satiny finish but shines nicely with a glossy top coat. The glitter adds a textured look and doesn't flash a lot because it is so small.

When I talk about glitter, I mean glitter. However, the Nail Magic folks claim that there is crushed gemstones in each bottle. Perhaps there is but I'm unconvinced. It looks like glitter to me.

Sunlight, not top coat.

Lefty, with top coat on middle through pinky, indoors.
I'm a fan of this for a quick and dirty mani before work and I think it could be really fun to franken with.

Not the best pictures but that's okay with me. My poor nails have been through hell for the past couple of weeks. This was not the best mani I gave myself either. I was sloppy, my nails had been in water and weren't bone dry before I applied the polish.
However, I was impressed by the small amount of chipping and tip wear.
At my job, I end up washing my hands MANY times a day. I'm a manager at a non-profit retail thrift store and it's rough on my nails!

Nail Magic Birthstones can be purchased...somewhere! The best I could do was find this link.
Best of luck!

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  1. That's a pretty shade of green. I should imagine you have to wash your hands many times where you work. Ever find any nail polish?


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