Orly Sol Cabana

I adore the Orly polishes I own. They are nicely pigmented, smooth formula and quick drying.
When the Tiki Time collection was released, I was one who rushed out to get Mint Mojito. A little later on I purchased the mini 4 pack collection to try out Sol Cabana and Calypso Breeze. I gave Mint Mojito and Teeny Bikini to my sister.
I decided on Sol Cabana today since I had only worn it as a pedi. I had issues applying it then and it continued today.

Two coats, indoor light, no top coat

The pigmentation is good but it streaks more than I like and definitely calls for three coats. The dry time isn't so awesome either. I dinged my index finger trying to dig my memory card out of my camera despite letting the second coat dry for an hour. Not good.

In its favor, this dries really shiny. I couldn't figure out why my middle finger appeared to have a spot on it in pictures. I cleaned the lens, took another picture and had the same result. Then I realized it was the reflection of my camera! I can imagine how shiny that is with top coat.

I give up on doing much more. I don't know if I want to wear it so I may end up starting over again. It's really too bad because orange is one of my favorite colors and this is a great hue!


  1. I picked this color up like 6 weeks ago and haven't tried it yet although the application was hard I still love the color on you. I will have to give it a try soon!

  2. I want to get Mint Mohjito. You should try it over a ridge filler. Maybe it won't be so streaky. Pretty color on you.


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