When Family Trips Go Right

Every year my husband and I take his mother on vacation. Since I lost my job early in the spring, I knew we wouldn't be able to do it this year. Gratefully I found a job pretty quick and we are on our way to getting back on track. So we decided to take mom on a day trip to Sahalie Falls and Sisters in Central Oregon. We've been taking mom there since 2005 and it's one of her favorite places.

Sisters is a really pretty historic town and it hosts a HUGE quilt show every summer. As such, the historic downtown is rather touristy and chock full of gift shops. Normally we go to the 12 dollar store and get t-shirts to mark the occasion. This time was different because my sister-in-law came with us and she wanted to go to my favorite gift shop in town instead.

I'm glad she did. I was walking though and looking at the handcrafted soaps when I turned around and saw NAIL POLISH! I was giddy. I found a line of polish I hadn't heard of before and there were some amazing colors. I of course, had to have some! While I was trying to decide on which to purchase, my mother-in-law found even more! Seriously, it was kid in the candy store moment. Ridiculous.

Anyway, on to the polish find!

From left to right:
Haken Blue Crush, Nail Magic Birthstones in May - Emerald, April - Diamond and August - Peridot.

They are some sweet colors and the swatches are to come.
However, it's time to get to the down and dirty.

Haken and Nail Magic are sister companies based out of Sisters, OR. Haken is best known for their cuticle oils and pedicure products. The lacquers are fairly new and are only sold in salons and select retailers. I purchased mine at Garden of Eden Gifts which is owned by the Haken company.
Nail Magic is best known for their nail treatment product that can be purchased at Sally Beauty Supply and Walgreen's. The Haken cuticle oil can also be purchased at Sally.

There are no salons in my local area carrying the product so I contacted the company directly. They emailed me a pdf of their catalog which did not have the color chart or list the polish for sale. They did give me an 800 number to call to place an order but I haven't yet been able to call to find out about buying the polishes! I hope I can because driving to Sisters isn't real convenient for me. Shall post an update when I know more!

Next up is the swatches. Stay tuned!

So I forgot to mention that there is an official Haken blog that can be found here. I'm really excited about this brand because I love the poish I bought and I love supporting local brands and businesses.

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  1. Nice of you to take your Mother-in-law on vacation and a day trip. Do you get along well? Finding nail polish is always a bonus! Nice colors you found.


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