China Glaze Spontaneous

Purple is my favorite color. I love it in all and any tones and shades. However, not all shades work for me. I can't wear lavenders because I just look dirty and deathly. The only way I can wear OPI's Done Out In deco is to layer something over it. (I don't have it, BTW. My sister has the mini and I WILL be swatching it eventually.)
The good thing is that deeper shades are a much better fit for me.

Two coats, no top coat

This applies smooth and opaque within two coats.This is the lightest purple I can get away without looking like death. It's so cheery and fun. I will definitely be doing some Konad over this. ;)

Thank you for looking and have an enchanted evening!


  1. This is a gorgeous purple. Looks fabulous on you. I just bought this shade not long ago.

  2. I like that shade of purple...not too light, but light enough to still see it's purple! Look very nice on you.

  3. That is a great shade of purple, and it photographs so well!

  4. That looks gorgeous on you! It's such a nice shade :)

  5. Oooh, that is cool! I was wondering what this looked like swatched. It's going on my list now! Haha. I spied this at a Sally's this week and was wondering about it! Love this shade of purple, and it looks great on you.


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