Finger Paints Ripe Peach

Michelle from All Lacquered Up did a series on Finger Paints awhile back and it had me intrigued. Sure, I had looked at the display from time to time at Sally's but I never bought any. Not because the colors weren't interesting but rather, I was on a mission for China Glaze. (My store didn't carry it and I had to have them!)

I finally purchased one in May while I was in California. I needed a little pick me up because we were there for the funeral of Matt's grandma and it was really depressing. We needed to get out and so we drove all over Woodland while Matt reminisced about growing up there. He felt bad that he was so maudlin so he drove me over to Sally and told me to go buy myself some polish. (I really have an amazing husband.)

Ripe Peach is from Finger Paints summer collection. I was drawn to it because of the shimmer in the bottle.
If only I had known it was the beginning of a major disappointment.

Two coats, indoor light
First of all, the shimmer is practically non-existent. It's a lovely coral-y peach but no shimmer.
The formula is watery and can only be applied in thin coats. There's the rub: thin coats dry too quickly and go on streaky. Apply too thick and it takes too long to dry and is susceptible to dents and smudges.
There is no in between. 

 Cute bottle!
This polish just bums me out. I adore the shade but thinking of applying just makes me frown. It's even more sadness when I try to wear it as a pedi. It refuses to apply to my toes! Ugh.
All is not lost. I did find a few months ago that I could apply three streaky coats and then layer with a thin coat of OPI DS Treasure. Treasure evens it out, gives the needed sparkle and intensifies the color. 
Now I just need to take pictures of that to show you. Next time, I promise.
This totally rode the fail whale for me but I'm not opposed to trying Finger Paints again. So if anyone has some, could you suggest another color for me to try? I think I may have a better chance with something better pigmented. 
Your help is much appreciated!


  1. It is such a pretty color; it's a shame that it applies like crap!

  2. I think I might have bought this one on clearance. It's cute! That sucks that it doesn't apply well. I've used fingerpaints before and it applied well. Don't let this one fool you.

  3. I don't own any of this brand. It's a lovely peach color. It must look gorgeous with Treasure layered on it. Where's thos pictures?


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