Flower Worn In the Dark

As much as I gush over some colors and tweeted about favorites, there is only one that I truly adore. It is THE perfect color for me. It makes me feel sexy, powerful and dangerous. I can rock it to a concert or for an evening out and it is utterly appropriate.

It is the one, the only...Midnight in Moscow.

Apologies now for the slightly blurred picture. It is a devil to photograph.
Is it a sheer black with red glitter? Kind of. A blackend red? Again, kind of. It's a mystery wrapped in an enigma, ok? What is important is that it is STUNNING. I wear this year round and am just about to purchase my back up bottle because my current is getting dangerously low.

This goes on nicely, albeit sheerly at first. I wear three coats but two may be okay. This also wears very well for me. It's one of the few I own that I wear for longer than two days. Last time I got three days wear before the tip wear became ghastly. I consider that a win for me. Just because I am ridiculous with my nails.

What I love most about it is that it is the grown up version of my beloved black nail polish of my misbegotten teens. This is totally appropriate for the thirty-something metalhead woman.
It's so much more sophisticated and elegant but still gives off the menacing and dangerous vibe.
Oh, hells yes! However, I really want to rename it. I like the name, don't get me wrong. It's just that it makes me think of the Moonspell song, "Scorpion Flower." Probably because I wore it the last time saw them in concert. And I shall wear it again when I see them next month!

Please enjoy my favorite band ever along with some bottle love of my favorite nail polish shade ever!

Thanks for indulging me!


  1. Have you tried the Milani polish that is black with the red glitter in it? You can still wear the black polish. I decided earlier this year that I was going to worry what others think of me. I'm going to wear any color polish and makeup that I want. I think you should do the same!

  2. I agree Lucy! I think it's that the black polish of my youth sometimes feels silly and this feels grown up and sophisticated.
    I did see that Milani and I would love it but I can't find it here in Oregon. Don't know if it's a regional thing or what.

  3. I really do need that color....stop tempting me! hahaha :)

  4. Oooh, one I don't have yet. It's on my list though, next order! Thanks for reminding me about this. Haha, at this stage of the game, I wear whatever, I went through a period where I worried what everyone thought of the colors & clothes I wore - now I don't. But that's definitely a sophisticated color!

  5. This is one of my favourite colours of all time! It looks gorgeous on you :)


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