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First of all, I would like to thank everybody who has stopped by and left a comment. It's very gratifying and nice to be a part of this community. You all are so nice and welcoming!

Lucy asked a question in her comment on an earlier post that I'd like to address. She asked me if I had found any nail polish at work and the answer is yes! Thrift stores are a great resource to find dirt cheap polish and you would be surprised how many people donate salon and high end brands.
I work for Goodwill Industries. Each Goodwill is clustered in their own regional grouping and each operates a little differently. What we do in my area with personal products that are donated is package them in gift baskets.
It's really pretty cool. We have had several baskets that were chock full of OPI polishes and nail treatments.
The one that I encountered when I was broke as a joke had Nailtek Foundation, Lancome polish and Seche. I wanted that so bad!
So that's my tip for anyone on a polish hunt.

As an aside, I wanted to do a little promotion for Goodwill. I LOVE my job! And Goodwill is more important now than ever. We help people find jobs that wouldn't be able to otherwise. My store employs people with developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, stay at home moms who have little to no work experience and young people who can't find work because of the tight job market.
Shopping at Goodwill helps the community by providing jobs and it's also an environmentally friendly choice. Millions of pounds of items are saved from the landfill and sold in our stores. Nothing goes to waste!
Finally, Goodwill offers value for your hard earned money. Back in my starving student days, I bought almost everything I needed at Goodwill and still had money to pay the rent. Who can't use that right now?

I appreciate your patience for wading through that. I just adore my job and I'm very proud of the organization. It's a good feeling to wake up and look forward to going to work.
Thanks for indulging me!

BTW, for you Ebay addicts I recommend you check out Goodwill's online auction site. I once saw an authenticated Fendi spy bag on there at an amazing price!

Coming up today:  Wet n' wild swatch, Sally Hansen swatch and a special mani for a special day!

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