Meet me at the club dahling...

Since I entered my twenties, I've had a rather girly, preppy look. Of course it's a facade for the black hearted, ebil, part-time ninja metalhead that lurks within. (Yes, I did mean "ebil." The ninja thing is an in-joke with my bestie.)
This odd juxtaposition suits me perfectly. It's totally a wolf in sheep's clothing tactic.

Which is why I'm segueing away from a post about a vampy, goth-y color to this:

Orly Country Club Khaki

This is color is great. It is a perfect taupe. In fact, I have a pair of Gap khakis that are this exact shade.
Totally inoffensive but then again totally unexpected. It's work safe but still rebellious.
I love it.

I think it would look pretty hot with some Konad in an electrifying color. I understand that it is also good to stamp with itself.
The formula is brilliant. It's opaque in one coat but I use two. It flows smoothly and dries quickly. It's a winner! My nails however, are not. They were peeling in sheets because I have not been moisturizing properly. Hence the big ass divots. Lesson learned and I am using my Solar Oil and Gold Bond hand cream religiously.

This leads me to an important question. What the hell? Am I the only one who likes it? I picked it up at Sally on clearance. That usually says discontinued to me. Later when I was looking at Orly's website, there was no mention of it in the Prepster collection. Like, it had never existed. I don't get it. I know some colors get discontinued but this is ridiculous.
And, I am scaring everybody with my rant. Sorry bout that!

Allow me to leave you with some bottle love while I tell the kitties how I feel about this. (I do know TransDesign has it and I'm glad. I may be buying some more as a backup just in case.)

Psst! Orly, this color rocks!!


  1. Mmmm, I don't like it. :/ I don't think that it would suit my skintone. Looks great on you though!

  2. That looks awesome! I passed by this at the local mall earlier and wasn't too sure about getting it. Now I'm definitely coming back for it!

  3. Oh, I like it! I got mine...haha, can't remember which e-tailer. But it wasn't at Sally's because I looked!

  4. That colour looks fantastic with your skin tone! For some reason I always skip by neutrals,but I think I'll try this one.Thanks for swatching it :)

  5. I like that color too! I got a kick out of your rant!

  6. I bought that whole collection. Lots of great colors in there. Looks lovely on you. Have you tried taking Biotin? My nails were peeling like crazy and now have stopped. They are also finally growing. I actually have nail tips! You really should try it.


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