Mighty Oregon

As promised earlier, the special mani for a special day.
I kinda sorta hinted at it earlier...
The special part of today is that it is the season opener for the University of Oregon football team. It's almost like Christmas!
I am absolutely fervent about Ducks athletics. I have season tickets to baseball, want season tickets to softball and volleyball. I have even considered joining the Daisy Ducks. I'm nuts when I go to games too. I wear my rubber ducky necklace, Ducks sweats from Victoria's Secret, Ducks beanie and my custom Nikes in green and yellow with the webfoot embroidery. Like I said, NUTS! (I even scare my husband with this.)

But I love me some football. Which is good considering I married a football coach. ;)
U of O football is almost like a religion here in Eugene. Hence, my post about green and yellow nail polish selling out when I worked at Ed Wyse. As such, I decided that a good Ducks themed mani was in order.
Please enjoy!

Lefty with an "O" on ring

Righty with offense/defense. (Couldn't do x's and o's unfortch.)

Indoors, natural light.
I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Jumpin' Jade, Zoya Creamy (yellow) over Zoya Purity (white) and Nubar Green Frost nail art pen. Everything is topped with Out The Door.
This was super fun to do. Would've had cleaned up tips to show you but my nephew is here and he was "helping." I'm lucky it didn't get smudged.
Game is on and I am outta here, yo. GO DUCKS!


  1. Hope you have tons of fun! fun nail art too!

  2. Great nail art, I have several friends who attend U of O!

  3. Thank you! This will be fun to wear to work today. My employees enjoy seeing the new crazy colors I'm sporting.

  4. I don't watch football at all. I appreciate the sport though. Your husband is a football coach then you had better love the sport. Cute manicure. You and Brooke are two football crazies!


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