My Babies

I threatened before to post pictures of the three kitties who run this place and I'm following through.

This is Trixie. She's my BFF, constant companion and light of my life. She's a former street kitty and contented house cat. We found her in the bushes of our front yard with her four babies about a year ago. She used to wander into my sun room and visit with me before she was pregnant. I must have made a good impression since she chose my yard as a labor and delivery room.
She's a lovely kitty and she's slowly come out of her shell. She's loved me since day one but it took about six months for her to warm up to my husband.
In case you're wondering, she is named after the Zoya polish. I bought it a few days before she showed up and kept showing my nails to my husband because I was so crazy about the color. The name stuck in his mind and he decided it would be a good one for her. I think he chose well!

This is Dita. She's my little ginger tiger and a total daddy's girl. She is utterly fearless and completely adorable.
She is the tiniest of all of the kitties and still looks like a kitten. It's funny because she was the fattest of them all when they made their first visit to the vet! (Which is why I named her Gordita.) Her name has been changed since then because my husband felt left out of naming her. Her full name is Baby Dita LeTigre.
Yep. Say that three times fast! Dita cracks me up and melts my heart. She can't meow properly and she has this rusty, broken down sounding purr. It's crazy cute. She loves going outside albeit she only gets to go on a harness or held in daddy's arms. Our kitties do not go outside otherwise. It's much too dangerous!
On a final note, I do own Zoya Dita. It came out in time for my Dita's first birthday and was the perfect tribute.

Finally, we come to my sweet little angel. This is Gus.
He is a mama's boy and he is just the quirkiest kitty I've ever encountered. Let me show you all the reasons why:
1. He doesn't meow. He says, "mom." No lie. It sounds like a three year old calling for mommy. It's actually kind of creepy.

2. He doesn't like playing with boxes and bags. He loves them. Like, he rubs his cheeks on them and rolls around on them. Again, kind of creepy. He also has a weird fixation with a red throw rug in the bedroom. It is unsettling to watch.

3. He has an unhealthy fixation with me. He is a stalker kitty. The last time my husband cut my hair, Gus came and rolled around in my hair clippings. Then he got a mouthful of them and ran to his hiding spot in the sun room. When I tried to sweep up what was left, he attacked the broom and was growling at it. A few days after I managed to sneak into his hiding spot and throw the clippings he got out. Seriously, it was WEIRD.

4. Gus always sits with at least one front paw stretched out or both front paws crossed in front of him. He does not like to curl into a ball or tuck his paws under him. It actually makes him mad when he does.

In spite of his weirdness, I just adore him. He's so cute and he is a little lover. He is the favorite of everyone in my family because he is so cuddly and sociable.

Gus and Dita have two brothers that live in California with my sister-in-law. Mugen looks a lot like Gus and Felix looks like a giant version of Dita. They are well loved and very happy with their new family. Too bad my sister-in-law never sends me pics! (I had a hard time giving them up. It's a long story.)

So there ya have it. Those guys are in charge and I am only here to serve their needs. I wouldn't have it any other way!


  1. They are so cute! Thank you for sharing them with us!

  2. Love your babies. Wish I have one :-)

  3. What adorable babies you have. I love all the stories about them. Trixie was blessed when she picked your yard. God bless you for taking her in. I wish I could have cats again. Can't have animals in my apartment complex. I had cats when I lived at home. When my cat Melissa went into labor I had to stay with her thruout the whole birth. I couldn't even go to work. She literally got up to follow me with half a kitten hanging out of her. I had to sit in a chair and be with her. I tried several times to leave and she would yowl and run after me. I also had the Mother cat and she laid behind her daughter while she had her kittens. The kittens nursed from both cats. Thankfully I found good homes for all her kittens. So I can understand Gus's fixation with you. Melissa was very close to me. She always slept in my room, in my bed with me. She always wanted my attention and would knock a book out of my hands if I didn't pay attention to her. I really miss her.

  4. Lucy, you made me cry! I'm so sorry that you can't have cats at your place. Pets just bring so much joy to life. I hope that you will be able to share your life with another kitty soon.
    Thank you for your sweet comments. It's wonderful to know you!


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