My nephew is awesome

This is one of my backup posts I put together earlier.

My nephew T.J. is my best little buddy. He cracks me up so much! He was "helping" me pick out polish this last weekend and he was making the Walgreen's cashier laugh so hard. I ended up without any polish but I sure had a good time with him.

So, he ended up coming over a little early this afternoon while I was doing my nails and decided that he should have his done as well. I wasn't about to tell him no. His mom and I have tried to combat his dad's ultra macho posturing and rigid gender role mindset. Anyway, he's 9. He just wants to have some fun. How could I say no?

We tried the Nubar nail art pen first.

He asked me to put the Xbox buttons on his nails.

We did a funky French.

Polka dots and stripes on thumbs.
Now that was super fun but he decided that he should look through my stash for another color.
He almost went for Zoya Posh and Zoya Envy. Until he came across China Glaze Recycle. He decided that this was a perfectly good manly color to try out. really have to add some nail art according to him.
Now I give you what he's currently sporting and will be promptly removed before he goes home:

He asked me to spell out "Ducks" on his left hand.
"O's" on his right hand for Oregon.
Seriously, this was hilarious. My sister loved it and my dad thought it was kind of fun. We had a good time doing it and he felt special. 
Thanks for checking it out!


  1. That is so cute! What a way to spend time with your nephew!

  2. Thanks! We had so much fun together.

  3. Aw! That's so cool, it sounds like you had a really fun time with him!!

  4. How nice to spend time with your adorable nephew. I don't have any nephews but I had cousins. We used to be really close when we were all younger. I loved going out with them. Cute that he wanted some polish too. I like all the decorations on his nails. Cute


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