My storage...let me show you them

Today is storage day! Really, it's cleaning out the hall closet because it's jam packed full of crap day.
Most of the cupboards, drawers and what not were custom built by the previous owners of the house. They did a nice job but one cupboard is missing a door. You can see where he puttied the holes for the hinges and sanded. But he did not leave the door so I could hang it the other way. So I have a wall of cupboards but the second biggest one is essentially naked.

I would show pictures of this for you but it's much too shameful.

I've been using it as my catch all. I have library books on the bottom shelf. A shelf of usb cables, power cords and three external hard drives on another. The top two shelves have my nail products. It is a freaking mess! I don't have a container for my pedi products. I just threw my bag on Hands Down pads next to my polish and my remover is scattered all around. This is also on top of the other random shit strewn about. Seriously, I still have my bikinis from my Cancun trip just shoved in there. Along with a Swedish flag. Really? I don't understand myself sometimes. ;)

Anyway. These are the containers I use to store my polish.

An old jewelry box and the Caboodles I got for Xmas 1993.

This holds all of my Spring/Summer shades.
(Not that I adhere to color/season rules. I just like to organize.)

Top shelf has treatments, tools, etc.
Underneath is all of my Fall/Winter shades and nail art.
(There is also a lovely reflection of my ankles.)
I really need to re-organize all of this. I'm not ready for a Helmer or anything like that but I do need to space things out. I will just have to keep an eye out for cool storage to pop up at work!


  1. This is great storage for your polish!

  2. Somebody needs to get organized! I think you need some nice container to put all your nail things in. Makes you feel better to have something organized and nice. Treat yourself to something new.


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