Nail Art Pens

Hope everyone has been having a nice Labor Day weekend. Mine has been crazy! It's no fun to work in retail during ANY holiday. But today is my Thursday and the whole sordid week will be behind me soon enough.
I wanted to to show you my teeny little haul that I treated myself to yesterday:

Found at work in the Halloween section, two nail art pens in yellow and silver.
These should be fun to play with and I hope to do some tomorrow!
Have a safe and fun Labor Day!


  1. Nice to find some pens. So sorry you have to work. I remember what it was like to work every holiday but Christmas. I worked for the Postal Service. Thankfully I worked in the plant and not with the public. Enjoy your weekend. I didn't have the normal weekend off either. Not many do.

  2. Those pens look like there's fun about to be had! Labor Day = sales which means retail work = no fun :( But yay for almost TGIF for you :)

  3. I need to try some nail pens. I can't wait to see how you use them!


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