Nail Magic Birthstones - Topaz

Back in August, I swatched some polishes I found in a gift store. They were based on birthstones and claim to have genuine crushed gemstones in them. I doubt that but they are awesome. This one is what I purchased for my sister since her birthday is in November.

I'm pleased to present this swatch to you since my sister graciously agreed to be my hand model. Please note the application is not the best because I was sitting in front of the screen door. (It's September but it was hot today!)

Two coats, no top coat

This applies smooth, even and without brush strokes. It's opaque in one coat unless you are being klutzy and have a breeze hitting the nail. Then not so much. It dries satiny with a very slight gritty feel. Top coat amps up the glitter and it glows. But I did not get a picture of that because, well, we got distracted talking about the private island we'll buy if we hit the lotto. It happens. Take my word for it.

Love the cute little bottles!

I love these polishes. I really need to find out how to get more!

Me and my sister had a really good time together. I've hooked her on Konad so she's planning on picking up a few more image plates for us to play with. I have the best sister ever!
Isn't she gorgeous?

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  1. What a sweet picture of the two of you. Your both gorgeous.

  2. That is a nice polish. I love the picture of you both, you are both so pretty!

  3. Awww, both of you are gorgeous! That's such a sweet picture! It made me smile. I like seeing the large size of it, haha, I've seen the mini on Twitter :)
    That is a cute polish, it seems like a fall gold-orange!

  4. Hey! Did you ever find out where to get more of this polish? I discovered some today in a drawer at work. I love it (I used August, which is Peridot). Now I need to find where to buy some. Googling it led me to your blog.

  5. Faunbon - I've never found them again. I suspect you could contact Nail Magic/Haken to see about purchasing them.
    I only ever found them in a gift shop in Sisters, Oregon that just happens to be owned by that company.


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