Nailene Power Fusion Gel Kit

 I have mentioned before how rough my job is on my nails. It is ridiculously rough!
Last week I decided that I would head over to Sally and Rite-Aid to check out nail treatments. Plus, I had to see if there was anything snazzy that I just had to have. I didn't have a whole lot of money so Sally ended up being a bust. I walked out with a small bottle of 10 volume developer so I could cover the greys but no nail products! That's a first for me.

  Rite-Aid came to my rescue. While browsing through the nail products, I found so many gel overlay kits. I had no idea! I'm still used to buying and using professional items after my stint at Ed Wyse that I forgot all about the wonders of the drugstore. I narrowed down first by ease of use and then price.
Nailene was the winner and I headed on home to try it out.

 It is easy to use. The kit contains three pieces: brush cleaner, brush on gel and activator.

The activator is pink tinted and acts as a nail camouflage of sorts. So these are the steps:

1. Shape nails, push back cuticles and buff lightly. Wash and dry hands.
2. Remove brush from cleaner bottle, wipe off excess on paper towel and put in activator bottle.
3. Apply gel like you would nail polish. Don't let the gel dry!
4. Immediately apply a layer of activator over the wet gel.
5. Once done with hand put brush back into cleaner bottle.
6. Repeat on next hand.

The instructions say you can add another coat but my experience says DON'T!

I made a couple of mistakes in my application. I used the brush that comes in the activator bottle rather than the one that comes in the brush cleaner one. That applied it too thick and was hard to control. However, the brush you are to use was just a hassle.
I also found out that it's best not to apply it in front of a window with a breeze coming in. I think it made the gel dry. But you do want to do this in a well-ventilated area. Just not like I did.

This was pretty easy to use and my nails looked okay. I think because I had a breeze and used two coats, I got results I didn't want. The gel did chip and crack on the second day of wear. Could have been due to me processing and pricing furniture all day at work but I suspect that was only a small part of the problem.
The worst part was trying to remove it. The instructions say it can be removed with a cotton pad but you would have to hold it in place for two minutes. I chose to soak in remover with acetone for two minutes and then remove it. Not fun.

So on to the pictures.

Full sun.

Indoors, natural light
The kit was okay. I'll give it another go some time. It was a fun experiment and I didn't have it on long enough to note whether it was a good nail treatment or not. It was one way to spend an afternoon!


  1. That's interesting stuff, I never saw it before! it sounds like a better option than gettin acrylics, where they drill down your natural nail bed! Did you find yourself picking off the pieces after it chipped? Cna you wear polish over it?

  2. I have never seen anything like that before! Does polish apply well on it?

  3. Was there a reason for your use of this product? I've never used anything like that. My nails were peeling like crazy. I started using Biotin about 6 months ago and they're much better. They also finally started to grow. You should try it.

  4. Thanks for the comments, guys!
    I wanted to see if I could polish over the gel but I didn't wear it nearly long enough to try it. I suspect that you can and I intend to find out for sure when I bust out that kit again. It was hard not to pick at it when it chipped but I resisted! ;)

    Lucy - I tried the kit mostly on a whim. I had been using OPI Nail Envy but I like to take a break from it because it ends up being too much of a good thing. My nails were pretty beat up so I figured I could use the gel to protect my nails, hide the divots from chipping and smooth the ridges.
    I intend to try biotin it just hasn't happened yet.


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