The newest member of the household

Boys, boys, boys
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Don't mind the boys in this picture. It's my idiot brother in the glasses and my very handsome nephew. What's important is the cute little pug sitting in my brother's lap.

His name is Blackjack. (I don't like his name so I usually call him Snack Pack.) He will be moving in with us pretty soon. His mom and dad are breaking up (sad) and he needs a new place to live. I'm his favorite auntie and I absolutely adore him! So fair warning, you will be seeing the occasional picture of him as well as the three cats who run the place.
Bob help us all!


  1. AW! He's so cute! Looking forward to future pictures :)

  2. That's wonderful for you to take that sweetie in. Why is your brother an idiot? Nice looking nephew!


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