Nubar Nail Two Way Nail Art Pens Green Frost

When I worked at Ed Wyse we always had a run on green and yellow nail polish every football season.
Zoya Suvi was THE best seller by far. Every so often someone wanted to do some nail art for their football manis. We didn't carry much that wasn't decals, stones, shells and whatnot. However, we had one lonely Nubar Two Way Nail Art pen in Green Frost. No one would buy it. Even if they wanted a striper!

This is why:

The bottle. It's green, sure.

But not a light green!
Since we couldn't open the pen to see that, it never sold. If we could have, it would have been gone right away! 
After it sat on shelf for another month, I decided to buy it myself. I was totally surprised when I opened it and saw it! Worked really nice for the mani I did then with OPI Need Sunglasses? 
But this is the funny part. I have had this for nearly two years and only now found out that it's a striper and pen. I've been struggling with that stupid striper brush when I could have been using a pen point! Oy.
It gets better: I didn't realize that the pen cap pulls off. I thought it was a screw top too. So I tried to wrench it open with a vice and pliers. And I gouged the shit out of it. I'm so SMRT. 
Now that I know better, I may get more use out of it. Then I will buy more more of these pens because they come in really cool colors!
You can find some here. Have fun!


  1. Wow, that applies a very different color! It's ok, I have my SMRT moments too!

  2. That a pretty color art pen. I know that they do come apart. Two different ways to apply the pen.

  3. I saw these on Nubar's site but I totally passed them I may have to revisit them. Thanks for posting!


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