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Yesterday was the first day of Autumn and as usual, Oregon has weird weather. The temp was supposed to rise to the mid 90s. It's the final tease of beautiful weather and golden sun. I adore Summer, always have. I hated cold and snow when I was a kid in Nebraska. So how did I end up in a place that sees sun for a few months out of the year? I came to be with my sister and I fell in love with this place.
The good thing is that I love rain. :)

I decided that I had to do a mani for my official goodbye to summer. I was wearing Haken Blue Crush anyway so I felt a good Konad was necessary.
I chose the butterfly pattern from plate m21 and stamped with Konad Special Polish in white.

I realized that my thumb and index stamps weren't lined up the same but I decided to go with it. It's more like butterflies flitting about my nails that way.

This wore beautifully throughout the day. I had hardly any tip wear and no chips. I received a lot of compliments from co-workers, a donor and the waitress at my favorite pub. My sister was loving it and is super excited to have her nails done tonight!

Konading has been so fun and I can't wait to buy some more plates.


  1. How pretty. Good manicure for the end of summer. It was cold and now it's getting hot again. I've had to put on my air conditioner again.


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