OPI Curry Up Don't Be Late

I've said before that I am a sucker for silver polish but that's not entirely true. I'm crazy for gold polish as well.
The India collection from OPI is probably my most favorite with Russia running a close second. I have Curry Up and Moon Over Mumbai and I still need Black Cherry Chutney. Such gorgeous colors!

Curry Up is my favorite gold that I own. The first time I used it was on a whim. I was idly thinking of using it on my toes and decided to use it on my fingers. I was shocked when I started. I could not believe how smooth it was applying. Hardly any brush strokes and it was drying quickly and smoothly. I did three coats because I usually do on all my manis and it was done in a snap. I was over the moon, yo.

Two coats, indoors with natural light.
I love that it is quite subtle. It's a yellow gold but  it truly shines at a bit of a distance. I think this is a very elegant gold and does make me think of gold thread woven into a beautiful sari.
Curry Up is a go to color for special events for me. I wore this to my best friend's wedding last year and I had women grabbing my hands and complimenting the color and asking where to get it. (The Ed Wyse store right by Lake Union may have had a run that afternoon on it!)
As a matter of fact, the profile picture of me on my blog is from her wedding! 
Check it larger, yo.
Pixie (My best friend and stunning bride that day) even wore it on her toes for the wedding. Which is saying something since she abhors gold polish. ;)
Now when I wear it, I always think of her wedding. She looked gorgeous and it was an amazing late summer day in Seattle on Lake Union.
That's it for now, y'all. I leave you with a little bottle love!


  1. Oh I love golds, I son't have this one yet, but I've been thinking about it!

  2. That looks great on you! I wish that I could pull off pale golds and yellows.

  3. I also love this polish. I think it looks lovely on you. That's nice that the bride even wore it. I saw this on a few blogs and had to have it.

  4. This is a gorgeous gold! It looks really nice on you :)


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