OPI DS Coronation

Oh, the Designer Series from OPI. How I love them!  Coronation is my absolute favorite of them all. But I'm a sucker for silver polish. This one is what made me okay with glitters and had me fall in love with holos. I don't know how I lived without them before!

Two coats on index and middle. One coat on ring and pinky.
Applied over one coat of Nailene Power Fusion Gel.
Yep, that's right. I tried the Nailene kit again and got WAAAY better results. Now I can definitively say that yes, you can paint over this gel overlay. You want to use non-acetone remover however. It won't melt the gel overlay but it does dull the finish. No big deal if you're going to use lacquer anyway, right?
Indoors, natural light. Same application as above.
Holo-y goodness on my thumb in full sun. Three coats on this.
Slightly blurred to see the rainbow.
I'm excited that I can paint over the overlay and that it worked out better this time. Now I'm starting to really think about getting a professional gel kit with UV light. Oh dear.


  1. I love the DS polishes as well! Aren't they gorgeous?

  2. I love the DS polishes! And I just ordered like seven of the ChG holos - I can't get enough of holos :) I especially like Konading with them, too!

  3. This looks super pretty! I wish I had this one thanks for sharing!

  4. Just gorgeous! I'm trying to get the ones I'm missing. Thankfully I do have this one.


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