Oregon Game Day

Boy do I love college football Saturdays! I went and had coffee with my favorite girls at our favorite place by Autzen Stadium. I love watching all of the DUCKed out cars and the custom buses and trailers pouring into the stadium. Cracks me up! If only I could have gone to the game...but I had to work today.

So I did yet another Duck themed mani with some Konad. Here's the thing though: I've learned NOT to listen to my husband if he suggests I do my nails after he's been fixing me really kick ass vodka tonics.
I got some dents and smudges because I was feeling a bit tipsy.

Sinful San Francisco and OPI Brand New Skate
rainy day lighting.

That was how I started last night. Brand New Skates on the middle and San Francisco on the rest.
Well, it couldn't stay that way. I have a reputation to uphold at work!
While my sister and I were relaxing before she took me to work, I whipped out my Konad and had some fun.

 Used white special polish on thumb and pinky. Green special polish on middle which didn't show up super well so I restamped with China Glaze Adore. I didn't line up well but I think it turned out pretty cool nonetheless. This is the star from plate m15. Not every bit transferred but I really like how it turned out anyway.

My right hand was stamped with white Special polish only.

This was fun to do. I have a small polish rivalry with one of my cashiers and I totally won this round!
I'm so excited for me and my sister to play with the Konad on Wednesday. Plus, I'm going to have her bring her stash for us to swatch. More colors to come! It will be good times for sure.

Now to end on a happy note, Ducks beat Utah 31-24! I'm off to have a celebratory beer and a carnitas burrito.
Have an enchanted evening!


  1. Remember no drinking and polishing at the same time! This turned out cute. Glad you had a good time with your friends.


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