Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Beige Blast

I have a small stash of work-appropriate colors. I can pretty much wear whatever nail polish I want but I have these on hand in case we expect a visit from the CEO or the Director of Retail Sales. I'm in management and it's just best to look super professional for those visits.
My go to color for that was OPI Moon Over Mumbai because it's soft, sheer and still edgy enough to keep me interested. But I don't always have the time to do that up right.

I discovered the Insta-Dri line early this spring while I was trying to cheer myself up after losing my job. Nail polish will do that for ya! Anyway. I picked up Jumpin' Jade and went along my merry way. It's no joke how quickly it dries. I was stunned when I tried it. I couldn't believe how well pigmented it was. They claim one stroke and you're done and you can totally go with that. However, I prefer two. Just how I am.

About a month after getting Jumpin' Jade, I decided to get some more. This time I decided to go for a nice neutral because I was interviewing a lot and wanted to look as polished and pulled together as much as possible. I'm not a fan of pink in general and I didn't want a tan color so I opted for the beige. What cracks me up is that I have used nearly half the bottle so far. It is that awesome!

This is really lovely. It's tasteful and because it is a quick dry, it's awesome for a mani on the go.
It's like any sheer polish. You have to be prepared for it to be streaky and a PITA to apply.
This is where that weird brush comes in to play. It's like a mop! But it's so useful! I just glop it on and wait for it to dry. Not as streaky and I'm good to go.

Full sun. Two coats on middle thru pinky. One coat on thumb and index.

Indoors, natural light, same application as above.

I love this bottle design! It's edgy and sexy.

I'm a big fan of the Insta-Dri. What's really exciting is the range of colors available. It's not just red/pink/brown/neutral. Not only that, they work really well with Konad. As evidenced by Brooke! (That is a hot, hot mani I linked to. Can't wait for my Konad!)
I will definitely be buying more and I hope they'll keep pumping out more fun colors!


  1. That is a lovely polish! I love the bottle design too!

  2. I've tried to use this on my toes for a french tip, and man! What a disaster. I found mine really thick, gloopy, and streaky to put on. I really love Wet N Wild Megalast nail color in Sugar Coat. I ended up putting it on as a top coat to even out the sad streaks.

    Nice review though.


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