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 mKat from Polish or Perish posted this fun questionnaire and I'm sharing my answers today.
Who are you? 
My online friends end up calling me Lambchop, my husband calls me Lamby but my name is Heather.

What do you do/how do you spend your days?
I am a manager at a Goodwill store in Oregon and a part time college student.

How long have you been wearing nail polish?
I started wearing polish when I was 12 but I became obsessed about two years ago.

Do you keep your nails long or short?
My nails can grow but it's too difficult. I'm klutzy too so it's best to keep them short.

Do you do your own nails?
Yes. I can't afford to see a nail tech and my hairstylist so I spend the money on my hair.

What do you do while your polish is drying?
Avoid the kitties, peruse Facebook, send a tweet or read the assigned material for class.

Has your polish ever matched your car, computer or cell phone?
No. I don't think I've ever matched my polish to anything but I should try.

Brand(s): Zoya, China Glaze, Orly, O.P.I., Sinful, Haken

Polish remover: Zoya Remove +

Basecoat: Zoya Anchor

Topcoat: Seche Vite and Out The Door

Colo(u)r(s): Zoya Lianne, Zoya Trixie, O.P.I. Midnight In Moscow, China Glaze Recycle, China Glaze Ruby Pumps, China Glaze For Audrey and Wet n' Wild Craze in Rustic.

Finish: Have always loved cremes but I'm going crazy for holos.

Nail art (decals, konad, air brushing etc.): Just got my Konad and am spending time learning it.

Go to colour for cheering you up: O.P.I. DS Treasure

Go to "sexy" style/finish/treatment: My husband loves reds so when I'm getting dressed up, I wear Sinful Ruby, Ruby. It looks like patent leather with a topping of Seche.

Work appropriate manicure: O.P.I. Moon over Mumbai or Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Beige Blast

Manicure tool you can't live without: My glass nail file

Polish trend you'd love to see back: Crackle polish. That stuff was so cool!

Polish trend you wish would die: I really don't like French or American manicures. Scratch that. I don't like them on sculptured nails. I'm okay with them on natural nails. Hate the French pedi.

Share a home mani tip!
Invest in a paraffin bath. It's a major saver if you wash your hands as much as I do and it's so nice in winter!
I like to use CND Almond Illuminating Masque on my hands before I dip into the paraffin.

So that's it, guys. Today is my Friday and it's been a long week. Tomorrow I will have much more for you!
Have a beautiful day and an enchanted evening!


  1. Interesting questionnaire. How did you get the nickname Lambchop? I love Goodwill since I'm always getting rid of things. I drop everything off there. Do you have any no-no items or things for me to know? I don't like to throw things out that are good or usable. I only give things that are in good shape. I know not to give dirty or broken items. I agree with you about the glass file. I would love to have the crackle finish come back. French manicures on toes make me want to puke. Especially when the nails are long!

  2. Hi Lucy!
    My nickname is a family one. I'm the youngest girl in the family and my grandpa called me the little lamb. Since then I've been every interpretation of lamb!
    As for Goodwill, the only unusable or unacceptable donations are large appliances, dangerous items and hazardous chemicals. No paint, kerosene, etc. You'd be surprised how many people donate ammunition and bullets! One of our stores actually had a live grenade donated! SCARY!
    Thanks for supporting Goodwill with your donations. Without donors, we'd have no business!


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