Wet n' Wild Craze Collection Rustic

Oh Wet n' Wild. We have had a tumultuous relationship over the years. You let me down with your black polish when I was a moody, angry, Slayer worshiping teen. We've both changed over the years. I'm less moody and angry and your black polish has improved by leaps and bounds. (The Slayer thing has never changed though!)
However, I still thought of you as the company for cheap polish in meh colors. I apologize.
You've given really cool glitters and now you offer the Craze collection.

It's rare that I buy polish at Walmart because well, I find better stuff at Walgreen's. But my Walgreen's did not have Craze yet. (For shame!) All that was left was Rustic and it was the shade I wanted the most. I don't have any browns/bronzes in my collection and Rustic just spoke to me in all the other swatches I saw.
It is gorgeous!

Let's talk formula here: smooth, even, buttery. Nice! Dry time? Awesome. Those two factors alone are a major departure for Wet n' Wild. I've suffered through watery, runny application that takes FOREVER to dry between coats. Not anymore! Two coats will suffice but three deepens it a wee bit more. I've been wearing three coats on my toes but I will be showing two on my hands. (I promise no toes today. Feet creep me out and I don't like the looks of mine anyway!)

As usual, the price is terrific. I know some have complained about the size vs. price issue and I think that's fair. But this is where Walmart made it a wee bit easier. The Crazes were marked at $1.88 and the others were $1.99. It's a small consolation for sure.

Two coats, full sun, no top coat

Same as above, indoors, natural light.

Just some bottle love!

Seriously, how cute are these bottles? Loving the graphics on the cap too! Had no troubles with the brush or with cap shape and grip. Easy peasy all the way!
Good job Wet n' Wild. Looks like we're re-kindling our love affair!


  1. What a pretty bronze! I have heard so many great things about this collection!

  2. Try to grab Morbid :-) You'll like it. My friend got it for me at Walgreens


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