Zoya Barbie

Good morning!

My crazy weekend has spilled over into the week and I'm beat. Yesterday, I was down two cashiers and had computer issues with the POS as well as one person working in drive-thru. It was hectic! I was so happy to come home to pulled pork tacos made by my husband. They were awesome!!

I'm behind on my commenting and visits to blogs and I apologize. The good news is I get to start my "weekend" early today so I will be catching up with y'all again soon.
In the meantime I wanted to continue through the pictures I swatched of my sister's stash.

Barbie is a very light baby pink with subtle shimmer.

Three coats, no top coat, late afternoon sun

This goes opaque in three coats. The formula on this was a little on the runny side and was best applied in a thin coat. This would be a "dare" color for me. I really don't care for pink at all. I was certain that it would just blend in with my skin tone but it looked pretty good.

Three coats, indoor natural light

This could be a work safe color but I think it's rather little girl. However, I did think of the ways it could be layered with glitters and Konad-ed. That would make me enjoy it more.
My sister is hunting down the fauxnad plate with Hello Kitty on it because this is the perfect pink for a mani like that.

My niece, Ashley, would swoon over this!

Final verdict? Can't complain about the formula, Zoya hasn't let me down yet. The color is just not me.
Best for those who love pink and for sweet girls like my 11 year old niece.

Thank you for looking and enjoy your day!


  1. Your nails look lovely. I love pink nails, I don't wear them much. This Zoya is a pretty shade.


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