Zoya Rihana

My standard for untrieds is a little different. If I have worn it on my toes but not my fingers, I consider it untried.
Last week, I did my toes with Rihana and I was bowled over. I remember when that collection came out and I desperately wanted Rihana. I didn't buy then because I was trying to break myself of buying dark shades.
I regretted it right away and more so when my store closed. I was saved by Zoya's great polish exchange.
(It still stings that I'm not getting Zoya's for $2.10 any more but my love is strong and I will pay whatever I must!)

Two coats, no base, indoor lighting.
You can get away with two coats but I prefer three myself. Went on fluid, smooth and even. Dried pretty quick and is ridiculously shiny.

This satisfies any cravings for a purple toned wine color. It's sophisticated and not at all boring. That's one thing I hate about Fall collections. They may go for jewel tones and wines but they seem so uninspired.
Rihana definitely does not fall into that category!
I can't wait to do some Konad over it. I think it's a great base to show off some snazzy nail art!
More to come later!


  1. This is very pretty! I have the same bad habit with buying way to many darks!

  2. That is stunning; I need a color like that!

  3. I have this one too! * i think *

  4. That is a gorgeous color on you. It's such a pretty purple. I thought I had it but I don't. Must be on my "wants" list.


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