Zoya Talullah

Good morning!
My weekend was crazy hectic busy and I'm so exhausted. I've fallen asleep on the couch three nights in a row!
I've been feeling a little cranky so I decided to perk up my mood with a pretty, cheery blue.

Zoya Talullah  two coats, full sun

Talullah is a bright, shimmery blue that absolutely glows. It goes opaque in two coats and the formula is superb. No brush strokes, no pooling at the cuticles.

Two coats, indoor lighting.

This is from my sister's Zoya stash and it was a huge departure for her. She usually wears pinks on her fingers and reds or wines on her toes. This was her favorite pedi of the summer and she received many compliments.
We both think this would be super fun to Konad. I've no doubt we'll have pictures of that before too long!

Love Zoya!

My sister got this in the Zoya Polish Exchange and it was her first introduction to their awesome products.
She's beginning to move away from her OPI snobbery thanks to this little beauty!

Thank you for stopping by. May the day treat you well!


  1. Just a gorgeous color on you. I just started to fall asleep at the computer. Nothing like having to backspace all the letters that printed while your finger is pressed on the keyboard while asleep!

  2. What a hot blue! It looks fantastic with your skin tone :)


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