China Glaze - Millennium

I knew I was going to need the Khromes from China Glaze when I first saw them. Most importantly, I knew I would need the silver once I found out how well it Konads. That was just one thing missing when I started using Konad. So many manis would have been so much better with silver. Truly.

Last week, I fulfilled that for myself and now I have to get the others. Same old story, right?

Two coats in full sun

I love how shiny this is! It's practically opaque in one stroke and goes on so smooth. I didn't have major brush stroke issues as I have with other metallics. It did highlight the sweet indentation on my middle finger though!
(My nail was peeling and it got pulled off when I was processing books at work. Ugh.)

This just might be my new favorite!

Dry time was excellent with this. I used it to Konad the big fail Duck Day mani and it was phenomenal. I'm excited to use it again for Saturday's game mani.
Gonna be a big one, we play USC and ESPN's College Game Day will be in town!! I'm sorry I have to work, I would LOVE to be there!
Anyway, stay tuned for that one. I have a cool idea formulating.

That's it for now, lovelies! Have a lovely day.


  1. These chromes are the first thing I'm going to buy as soon as I'm off my "No Buy" scheme!!

    Looks beautiful


  2. Aren't the new Khromes awesome? I want to go get the gold one too! I would get this one but I already have the silver from Romantiques!

  3. OK now I am going to have to get this one!
    You know you are of no help to my poor wallet at all! But I adore you anyway! :P

  4. I recently ordered 2030,but I thinkl I might need this one too.It Looks great on you!

  5. I love chromes. I love that futuristic look you get from a silver chrome especially. I always imagine it being the kind of polish Pris from Blade Runner or Major Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell might wear.

  6. I want those Khromes! Looks fabulous on you. Very shiny like alluminum foil.


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