Damn I love my day of beauty!

This is me about a month ago.
This was nice and the longest I can handle. But my hair was getting ridiculous. I just can't handle my hair my face and the volume was getting out of control. Seriously. My hair looked like a big bubble on Tuesday. It was not okay.

It's morning, I have no makeup on but I do not care.

 I love my hairstylist so much. She gives me great cuts and she's an absolute sweetheart. She's been doing my hair since we worked together at Old Navy and she was in beauty school. She even did my hair for my wedding. She is amazing and absolutely brilliant with color. I'm so glad she's moved to a new salon in town!
I wish I could have had a picture from yesterday but man, I was crazy busy. Yesterday was my mom's birthday and I had to run around after my hair appointment to get her a gift, card, flowers and then help dad make dinner. We all treated her extra special because she had eye surgery last week and she's not feeling great. Mom had a lovely evening though and she will be spoiled more next week.

It should be no surprise that I managed to pick up some nail polish while shopping for mom. I finally went to the third Sally in town and managed to pick up some things and then I went to Fred Meyer.
Freddy's made me absurdly happy. They had Essies, all of the Sinful glitters and most importantly to me, L.A. Girl Rock Stars!! This was the first appearance of them here in town and I'm thrilled. I thought for sure I would be ordering them online but now I don't have to!

Left to right:
Sally Girl It's So U
L.A. Girl Rock Star in Crowd Surfing
L.A. Girl Rock Star in Groupie
China Glaze Millennium
Nina Ultra Pro in Molten Ruby

Oh hells, yes it was a good day. Really, it got better. When we left mom last night, me and my sister went to the Freddy's nearby and checked out their offerings. This one had the Rock Stars and the L. A. Girl Matte collection. Yeah. So next payday I will be heading back to Freddy's. Oh, my poor husband. Good thing he loves me!


  1. My freddy's has the Matte collection too! I saw it about A week ago and it has taken all of my will power not to get them!!! I'm so glad you had a good day with your family!

  2. I love the cut! Does she razor it?
    Why does your molten ruby look more duochrome than my molten ruby?

  3. Kitty - Yay Freddy's, right?

    Andrea - She used razor, thinning shears and the clippers on me. It's quite a bit different than my usual which is just layered and blended.
    I love it! I have swatches of Molten Ruby coming up so we should compare then. Maybe it was the way the light was hitting the bottle?

  4. Love your hair! I am contemplating chopping mine off, it's on my last nerve! Glad Mom had a nice birthday :) I picked up that Nina also because it had such a strong duo chrome, but haven't tried it yet.

  5. Oh my ur hair is just so cute!
    I LOVE it!
    and your just adorable!

  6. I love the new 'do! Great haul too, you picked some great stuff. I can't wait to see swatches!

  7. First off, LOVE your hair! I kept my hair super short for years and years. I grew it out again, all the way to the middle of my back, only to cut it all the way off, about as short as yours! Haha. Now I'm growing it again.
    I have yet to see any LA Girl polishes in any of my stores, but we don't have a Fred Meyers either. *deep sigh* I'll have to order them! Awesome that you found them local!

  8. Love your hair. You look gorgeous without makeup! How's your Mom's eye? Hope she didn't have any pain with surgery. I love short hair. Some days I'm so tempted to chop mine off. Most of my life my hairs been short. I would have just short spikes if I could. Maybe when I lose more weight I will give it a good chop! I've been cutting my own hair since I was little.


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