Duck Day KOTD

I'll be the first to admit that this is not one of my best. As usual, when things go wrong, I add more and more elements. I totally blame Matt for this. I have my reasons. ;)



Wet n' Wild Black Creme
Zoya Purity on index
Konad Special Polish in White and Green
Zoya Creamy
China Glaze Millennium and Medallion
Haken Blue Crush
Sinful San Francisco

Image plates m21 and m8

There's not much to say about this because I'm just not feeling it. Boo. Hiss.
However, I feel much more confident in the Ducks' ability to smash the Washington Huskies. GO DUCKS!!


  1. I don't think that this is bad, but I agree that this isn't my faovrite of your duck day manis. Good luck against the Huskies!

  2. I love the splats! (that is such a weird sentence :P)

  3. ohhh.. i dont think this is a bad mani.. i love the splats u made in ur middle finger... i would try to do that combi on my nails.. :D

  4. I don't have any idea what you were going for (?). Looks like splats on your nails. Was that the look you were trying for? If so you did it!


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