A first, a fail and KOTD

 I went to Walmart last night with Matt so he could pick up some stuff he needs for his camping trip. While there I picked up the Nailene French Tip pen in Pearl White and some French tip guides because I promised Matt I would do a French for him. (I don't know why, but he thinks they are hot.)

The Nailene pen works well, it works better when your tips are not all ridge-y. My smile lines were a bit wonky, so I need practice. Anyhoo, here is my before.


Someone colored outside of the lines a bit. So I decided to Konad over it. I'm not that super good at doing it the way I did. Yet another item to practice.
Here's the first part:

Konad Special Polish in red. Plate m21.
I do not heart it.

The red special polish is a freakin nightmare. Insofar as clean up goes. The pad and swab I used looked like I was trying to mop up blood. Terrifying.

Not satisfied with my look I decided to add more.

It's ok.
China Glaze Fifth Avenue
Plate m21

Honestly, I don't know where I was going with this. Matt enjoyed the original French and he will be cool with this. I am resigned to the fact that I need to practice more and buy French tip image plates.
I will be rocking this until VERY early tomorrow morning when I change it all before work. To amuse myself, I have topped this with Sally Girl U Glow Girl. Because I just want to mess with Matt's head at bedtime.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope Blogger gets its act together soon...


  1. LMAO! I love that you tried to make it better by adding a zillion other accoutrements to it! I bet it looked super fun in the dark :)

  2. I like it with the Konad, I fail a lot at french nails too, so don't feel bad!

  3. How cute! I have a friend who has one of these pens. It looks fun to use.

  4. You guys are so nice. Suffice to say, I am special.

  5. that's not a fail, it looks lovely, I also had big difficulties when doing the french and even greater when stamping over it, believe me:) the more you practice the better the result:*

  6. Your French looked really nice. I hate them when there super white with big square nail tips. Love your Konad.


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