Hard Candy Mr. Wrong

When I first moved out to go to college I was seriously broke. Like, trying to live on thirty dollars a week broke. Getting food boxes from my mother-in-law's church broke. Broke, broke and p.s. BROKE.
The only luxury I really had was magazines, courtesy of my parents buying me gift subscriptions. I'm sure it will surprise you that the range of magazines was between Metal Maniacs, Marie Claire and Newsweek.
Yeah, not so much. ;) Anyhoo, this is relevant because back then Urban Decay and Hard Candy launched. I kept seeing the awesome polish colors and seriously amazing makeup swatches in the lady mag and I desperately wanted them. But there was no way I could afford department store makeup.
Go many years later and when I can finally afford these beauties and Hard Candy is kaput and Urban Decay does not make polish. Grr...

Imagine my excitement when it was announced that Hard Candy would be back. This time I could afford it! I could buy all of the nail colors and not have to give up eating for the week. I could buy two of each and not risk having my electricity turned off! Seriously, this was my thought process.
The best part? I fucking love this polish. It's a gorgeous color, applied beautifully and wore quite well.
So worth it.

Two coats in the last days of Oregon sun

Indoor light

I have nothing like this in my stash. It's a lovely purple with heavy blue tones and gold and silver glitter. I love that in some light it looks periwinkle grey. I love a foil finish and I love glitters and this combines to a gorgeous glittery foil. It's more than I could ask for and I am so pleased.

I can't wait to try some of their eyeliners now!!

Hells yes!

Thanks for stopping by. More to come today along with pics of my new haircut.


  1. Great swatch! I can't wait until the next time I go to Walmart; because I am definetly going to be picking up a few!

  2. This is one I am seriously lemming - but my Walmart has the dumb, no Hard Candy, no clue when they are getting Hard Candy, no clue WHAT THE HELL Hard Candy is! :(
    Hurry UP already!
    I was seriously broke back then too. Ramen was my mainstay meal.

  3. Mr.Wrong is so right!
    PS I still have a subscription to Metal Maniac although I prefer UNRESTRAINED! much better metal in there.

  4. Glad you're loving Mr. Wrong. It's such a unique color.
    I miss Metal Maniacs. I think the ceased publication in February. They have the online format of the magazine, but it's not the same.

  5. Deb - That sucks!!! Metal Maniacs was great. Boo fucking hiss!
    Andrea - I have a subscription to Metal Hammer now but I will look into Unrestrained. Thanks for the tip!

    Nicole - I didn't even bother to ask anyone at my Walmart because they know fuck all about anything in the store. Sadly, all of the Sally's in town are like that too. Best of luck in finding them!

  6. I just got some Urban Decay minis from Sephora. I never used either brand before. I don't go to Walmart but I can always order online. I like that shade on you. The UD minis come in a purple & clear zippered case also. There's some great color in the pack. You should try them.


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