I have been awarded The "You make me smile Award."

Evil Angel from the always fun and amazing Black Nail Polish and Lip Gloss tagged me with this and I am honored! Evil Angel is a super cool lady with killer nails and tons of creativity. I love reading her blog because I feel like I'm hanging out with an insanely cool friend. Thank you so much, love!

So the deal is that you post a song that makes you smile and then you tag the blogs that make you smile.
You can tag as many as you like because as we all know, there are so many lovely nail fanatics out there who make our days a little bit brighter!

First the song. This was really hard for me to choose just one. Harder yet since I love Black/Death/Thrash metal and though it makes me happy, not everyone can see that.
So it was a hard choice because it was narrowed down to Kalmah and Kabat.

Kalmah is an awesome melodic death metal band from Finland and my favorite song from them is called, "The Groan of Wind." It makes me smile because it is simply awesome.

Kabat is from the Czech Republic and performed in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest. They are a fun hard rock band that obvs. has a great sense of humour. However, I do not speak Czech so I'm not always sure what they are saying. ;) That said, they fuse a lot of different elements into their hard rock.

I decided to go with Kabat because this song just cracks me up every time I hear it. It's from their sublime "Corrida" album which is a permanent fixture on my iPod.

(There is a great live version of this but I wanted the studio version for reasons that will become apparent.)

I'm tagging:
Gildedangel - who is such a doll and her enthusiasm for nails is simply infectious!

Pinkginger - who cracks me up with her posts and always shows lovely colors that tempt me to blow up my wallet.

Deb - Fellow metal girl with a vinyl collection that I covet! Sister girl is super fun and you should follow her.

Nicole - Righteous babe alert! Could this lady be any cooler and sweet?

Judy - What a sweetheart Judy is! She is always encouraging, friendly and delightful. Judy gets the best colors and has fun giveaways. (Like the one she has now!)

Kitty - Oh my word, this girl is gorgeous and sweet as pie. I just heart her so.

I will leave it at that only because I have to get ready for work now BUT I tag each and every one of you.
You guys just make my day everyday. Nail polish opened the door for us to meet but we have turned our obsession into a beautiful community of friends.

Finally a special note to the always lovely Lucy:
You are an amazing person and you make all of us smile. We couldn't have nearly as much fun without you!
Big hugs to you, Lucy!

Lots of love to all of you!

Big hugs, sunshine and lollipops,



  1. Thanks for the tag, and thanks for the compliments. I was so sure that anyone even read my blog for the vinyl posts!

  2. Just wanted to add that I had heard of Kalmah, but I never actually heard their music. I managed to watch the video for "The Groan of Wind" on YouTube. They sound awesome! Also, in a strange coincidence, there was an add for Essie when I visited the band's MySpace. Nail polish and Death Metal YEAH!

  3. I gave the video a listen and that is so not what I thought it would be, it sounds so giddy and upbeat. Love it! Thank you for your compliments and the tag. Know that I feel the same way about this nail community and about you and my fellow bloggers! XO

  4. Aww, your name is HEATHER! I'm going to beat it into my head this time. Although how can one not love "Mighty Lambchop", right?
    Thank you SO much for the tag, it made my day. You rock!

  5. Thank you sweetie! Your making me so happy. The Yankees lost so I need to get happy again.


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