I wonder what will happen...

Picture dump!!!

These are my latest layering experiments, most applied over WNW Black Creme.

L to R:
Orly Love Each Other
Nina Ultra Pro Molten Gold
Nina Ultra Pro Molten Ruby
Haken Blue Crush

Here it is matte!
The  glitter in the Orly was really cool matte but would
have been best with more coats. I only did two here.

I love how layering Molten Gold over a dark color makes it's red tones pop. It really adds a deeper dimension to such a lovely color.
The Haken constantly pleases me. Layered over a dark color brings out its gold/bronze tones. I must get another bottle because I'm treating like a rare and precious gem.

L to R:
Sally Girl It's So u
Pumpkin Nail Enamel Grey Holo
L.A. Girl Crowd Surfing
OPI DS Treasure

Angled differently to get more color.

Crowd Surfing was awesome over the black. I was really surprised how nice the DS looked over this. It didn't look too Halloween but would be appropriate for such a mani.
The Pumpkin polish was nice over this and was reminiscent of REAL OPI My Private Jet. However, this was not a combo that would make a dupe for it. Sorry!
It's So U did just what I thought it would and I love it. It's very pretty.

So I did something unthinkable. I used Opulent Cloud to layer! I know. I did it really quick and used the teeniest amount because I wanted to see the result.

Opulent Cloud over black makes for a golden green. Reminds me of ChG Wagon Trail. Will be buying Wagon Trail so I am not tempted to do this EVER again. But, yeah. This did look snazzy.

My next round of layering concerned my beloved OPI Midnight In Moscow. I'm planning on wearing it tonight in all of its original glory but I was tempted. Here's what happened:

Midnight In Moscow on index through pinkie as base.
Middle finger has China Glaze Raspberry Fields.
Ring is showing China Glaze Ruby Pumps.
Index has Ruby Pumps matte.
Pinkie has Raspberry Fields matte.

 Different angle to show sparkle

I just wanted to see if layering would amp up the red in Midnight In Moscow. It does and kinda doesn't.
What I was surprised by the most was the hot pink glitter of Raspberry Fields. I will probably layer a thin coat of it over Black creme and then matte it for another day's mani because it looks really cool.
Ruby Pumps over this is similar to Lubu Heels but with more of the glitter. Very nice and seriously cool matte.
I would buy Lubu Heels and layer Ruby Pumps over it than what I have done here.

Hope you've enjoyed this and that it gives you some fun ideas!


  1. wow!! Those are gorgeous colors... i cant pick which is better.. i love them all... lol keep safe sweety.. thanks for the comment u post in my page.. xoxo

  2. I have the Nina Ultra Pro "Molten"(s), and they ARE really cool on their own and layered!

  3. Great swatches, I love your layering posts!

  4. I do that when I'm going to change my polish. I start painting all kinds of colors over my old manicure. It's fun to do.

  5. I just love your layering experiments! Everything looks gorgeous!


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