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Good morning!

I wanted to show you the last of my recent haul. This is Sally Girl It's So U. This was sitting on the clearance table and I could not walk away. I knew it would make a great layering polish and .79 cents made it worthwhile.

Two coats in weak sun

I knew how sheer this would be, no doubt. However, it is a very light purple that flashes blue.

This could be a nice color for French manicure because it doesn't make your nails look dirty but has a nice shimmer and light. But we all know I'm not much of a French mani girl so it ain't gonna happen.

Teensy, tiny bottle. 

This shade has been discontinued and I picked up the very last at the location I visited. I really like this and the size is perfect for something I will only be using for layering. I probably should have gone to the Sally nearest my house for another but I really did not want to spend more time on the bus.

I have done some layering experiments and that will be coming up next. I'm very pleased with how this turns out!! Stay tuned...


  1. That is a beautiful duochrome, but I would never get it as it is way too sheer for me! It might be pretty to layer though!

  2. Pretty color on you. Too sheer for me also.


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