L.A. Girl Rock Star Crowd Surfing

My lemmings are just simply out of control and the rest of y'all ARE NOT HELPING. ;)
So, since forever I have been wanting a flakie. I saw the kick ass NfuOhs and just crying because I was so broke. That, and I just don't know where to get them so if you can help me out, please do so!!
Anyway. I have been slowly but surely rebuilding since I was laid off back in March. Gratefully, I was only out of work for two months and I got the best job ever. But those two months really took a toll on my personal finances. I've only been able to splurge because Matt has worked very hard.
We're just about back to where we were before losing my job and now I make more than the old job. YAY!

As you know, Matt spoiled me last week by giving me money for my salon visit as well as nail polish shopping.
I did it up right and was able to pick up some lemmings on the list.
This is where I come back to the flakie business, yo. I finally got one!!!

Three coats, angled to show sparklies.

Crowd Surfing is really meant for layering because it is very sheer. It's a lovely light green and the flakes are really cool. They're holo that flash between green, gold and orange. The flakes themselves have that lit from within quality and it is stunning. If that were not enough, this has a lovely fine green glitter in the base that catches the light nicely and shimmers and twinkles. Oh, yes, this is such goodness!

Application was easy, smooth and the finish not lumpy or gritty. Removal is pretty easy but I did find flakes hiding out almost under my cuticles almost a day later. I blame myself.

Trying to snatch some sunlight in the window...

I had to see this layered so yesterday I pulled out a favorite that I was sure would look great with Crowd Surfing. 

Two coats Orly Mint Mojito
Two coats L.A. Girl Rock Star Crowd Surfing

No, I have not swatched Mint Mojito. I am again, one bad lamb. ;)

I was right. Mint Mojito looks amazing with Crowd Surfing over it. Too bad my picture wasn't so great. I was having major issues getting this to focus. So I present you another one that is a snotch better but does show my lovely tip wear.

I don't think my camera likes this.

There ya have it. Crowd Surfing is awesome and it is a real gem for layering experiments. I feel so fulfilled now! Now it's off to get dressed ad meet my bestie for a lunch date!

Thank you for coming by!


  1. Beautiful color, loves it!
    You can get Nfu-oh on http://fabuloustreet.com/
    They are not cheap, but there are a couple of Cover Girl flakies , Sinful has a few, OPI has Merry Midnight and Colorama has some flakies. Can you tell I like flakies? :D

  2. Flakies...YAY! The only flakie polish I have is MAC's Baby Goth Girl, and the flakies don't show up very well. I want Merry Midnight as soon as I can get my hands on it. I've also been wanting Nfu-Oh #51 and #60, but #51 has been sold out the last few times I looked on their site.

  3. Oh - that is pretty!
    I dont have any flakey polishes myself either and would adore a Nfu-Oh (or ten)!

    So glad you're back in work and loving it. It's tough out there right now. I work in recruitment and come home so sad every day talking to people with no jobs :(

  4. What a cool flakie! I am lemming Nfu-Ohs too!

  5. I hear ya! My wish list, or should I say lists(they are all over my desk right now) are out of control! I like the Crowd Surfing alone and layered. Nfu-oh are a great treat! Great colors and the packaging...what can I say! You definatly need to treat yourself. http://fabuloustreet.com sells them and it's free shipping(helps a little)
    Great, now you've got me wanting some Nfu-oh and Evil Angel has me wanting some more tattoos!

  6. I don't own any Nfu-Oh's either. I don't know why I don't. I guess I would buy everything there. I do have this one. I have the whole collection. Love them all. I just bought LA Splash on Cherry Culture. They are also gorgeous. All shimmers. I love Crowd Surfing over the Mint Mojhito. I just got that one recently.


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