Layers of lovely

On Friday I was rocking Wet n' Wild Craze in Rustic and it was gorgeous. However, it did not stand up to throwing furniture. Go figure. ;) I touched it up when I got home that evening before I  went out with my sister.
Got a ton of compliments but I knew it was not going to stay that way for long!

So, on Saturday morning I did something a little different before heading out for coffee with my girls and then work. I pulled out Nina Ultra Pro in Molten Gold (Which I still have NOT swatched! Bad lamb!) and decided to give it a go. I am loving this sweet little duochrome and I need Molten Copper and Molten Ruby now.
This is what I got when I slapped on two thin coats:

Oooh! So purty!
Three coats WnW Rustic
Two coats Molten Gold
Indoor light

Kind of reminds me of Color Club's Wild and Willing. I like to think that it also makes me think of OPI's Man of La Mancha but I suspect that is more wishful thinking.

I could have topped it all off with Out The Door and been done but, no. That is not my style. I had to do more!! So I pulled out my bottle of China Glaze Matte Magic top coat and went flat matte.

I love this.

I was getting excited while watching this dry. I loved the satiny finish and that the color still flashed between gold and pink. I was tempted to do some Konad but I actually exercised a little restraint. Surprising, right?
This was so awesome and I simply can't wait to try this on some other colors as well as pick up the other molten lovelies. The truly exciting thing about this is that it actually wore quite well. I had a long day of processing books and digging through giant boxes of Xmas decorations and ended up with one small chip.

I leave you with a shot from me trying to snatch a little of the sun that barely peeked through before the rain hit.


Thank you for coming by and taking a look. Today is my Friday and I hope to have more to show you as well as be a little bit more sociable. Tomorrow I will get my hair done so I can't wait to show you new style Lambchop!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. That is so pretty; I love it matte!

  2. I have Molten ruby and the duochrome is more subtle but still pretty.
    You are a genius..I never would have thought to matte a duochrome!


  3. This is gorgeous! I love it <333

  4. that simply looks gorgeous! wow and the matte version is amazing!

  5. Oh wow - I love it! I prefer it shiny to matte but I do like it a lot both ways.

  6. That is one gorgeous duochroome. Love it matted. I haven't tried my matte topcoat out yet.


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