L'oreal Shock Proof Lilac Dream

I was at my mom's last month helping her clean out cupboards and paint her bathroom when I found a lone bottle of polish.I cracked up when I found it because it still had the price tag. This is funny because it was from Kmart and the last Kmart in town closed about seven years ago!
I asked mom if she still wanted it or not. She agreed to let me have it because the only polish she likes to wear anymore is OPI Affair In Red Square.

L'oreal Lilac Dream
Two coats, sumlight.

Lilac Dream looks more opaque and silvery in bottle. On the nail it is a sheer frost.It does have some nice pink glitter that is really pretty under the right light. Overall, it's pretty meh and makes your nails look dirty when they are not.
I did not ask for this because I was in love with the color but I thought it would be fun to layer with and possibly franken. I tried it out over Star of Bombay and it was okay. It won't do over a light color because I did try it over white and taupe and it looked like a hot, hot mess.
It will be on my next layering post with a black base and we'll see how it goes. It may just have to go into the frankening category.

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  1. I don't like it on its own, but I think that ithas great franken potential!


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