Matte Molten Ruby

I wore Molten Ruby today layered over one coat of Orly Country Club Khaki. (I have pure Molten Ruby n my toes but...eww...yuck...feet!) It deepened it a little bit. My husband sure liked it but he's a sucker for red nails.

Anyway...I decided to try it out matte to see if it was as cool as Molten Gold matte.

Sally Girl It's So U layered on index.
Three coats Molten Ruby over one of Orly CC Khaki on middle
China Glaze Matte Magic top coat on ring and pinkie

I think it does look cool matte! The Sally Girl polish didn't photograph well but it does look really pretty in person.

So after a day of wearing Molten Ruby, I realized that this is a devil to photograph properly. It is subtle but the duochrome effect is very much there. It is a great polish and I highly recommend it!

Thanks for looking. A brand new Duck Day mani is coming!


  1. Ooo, I like it matte too! Who are the Ducks playing tomorrow?

  2. like all the versions<3 can't wait to see Ducks mani:)

  3. I bought the Molten colors at Sally's yesterday because of you! :) On sale, yay!

  4. I'll have to try the Molten colors. I really like it matte.


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